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Fingercheck Now Supports Payroll in LA, MS, NM, & UT

Fingercheck now also supports payroll in Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Utah! This makes the total number of states supported over 50 percent, with 28 states covered. If you’re based in any of these four states, you can eliminate all the platforms you use to manage your business’s time and attendance, payroll, and HR and switch …

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Fingercheck's 2017 year-in-review.

2017 Review of Fingercheck!

With 2018 just days away, we’re looking back and sharing some of the highlights that made 2017 memorable for Fingercheck. With your support, we’ve grown as a company, and our products and progress reflect the feedback you have given us. Here’s a look back at 2017 and all that we were able to accomplish: In 2017 …

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Utilize Cloud Technology to Humanize Your Business

It used to be that technology and the “human factor” were associated as two competing approaches to accomplish business outcomes. One was seen as the way of the future and the other, potentially replaceable. However, today cloud technology is widely utilized to enhance the efficiency of people-driven processes, empowering businesses to more easily manage their …

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Minimum Wage Changes in 2018

In 2018, 29 states will have a minimum wage higher than the federal minimum, keeping pace with the precedent set in 2017. 20 states will see their minimum wage increased in 2018, some of which can be attributed to cost-of-living accommodation and others which are pre-determined scheduled increases. For your convenience, we’ve posted a comparison chart of all …

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7 Superfoods You May Not Know About

We’ve written on the importance of self-care for employees and employers alike on our blog before. It’s important to invest in your health in order to be your most engaged, productive self. However, this doesn’t mean you need to pay out a small fortune just to make sure you’re being healthy. Case in point, did you know that …

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Fingercheck’s Growing Team

Fingercheck’s goal has always been to deliver a seamless HR experience for every business by automating their needs through a single platform. Just like any growing product, Fingercheck isn’t without its own unique set of challenges. Fortunately, along with our product development, our customer base has expanded, which is why we’ve adapted to better equip …

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