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Get ready to level up your employee management and work game with the Fingercheck Mobile App. It’s like having your own personal payroll superhero, here to save the day and make life easier for managers and employees.


Run payroll, track work hours, swap shifts and more from the palm of your hand

The benefits of the Fingercheck mobile app:

  • Manage your team anytime, anywhere

    See who’s in, set future schedules, approve time-off requests, make timesheet approvals, and run payroll, no matter where the job takes you.

  • Make work a little bit easier for your employees

    Employees can request time off, view schedules, swap-shifts, and keep track of their day-to-day tasks – all from our mobile app.

  • Use our app to set rules that make sense

    Manage your workforce remotely or on-the-go while ensuring accuracy and accountability with GPS tagging and punch photos.

  • Give your employees more control over payday

    Our Pay On-Demand feature lets employees request access to their earned wages – giving them more flexibility and control over payday.

for businesses

Key mobile app features

  • Preview, process and run payroll
  • Approve & edit reimbursement requests
  • Approve, edit, and review scheduling requests
  • View punch details with GPS & photo verification
  • Check who’s working and where
  • Run all reports from Fingercheck and more
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Payroll and HR on the go

Run payroll and employee management from the palm of your hand.

FOR employees

Key mobile app features

  • Access earned wages via Pay On-Demand
  • Update pay information & tax withholding
  • View timesheets, schedule and swap-shifts
  • View personal pay stubs and pay history
  • View PTO balances and request time off
  • Request expense reimbursements and more
What Our App Users Are Saying
“Great app let's me keep track of how many hours I get per pay period and per day. Highly recommend this app for companies to use."

Android user

“Great app, could see my worked hours, over time.... and MUCH MORE it's simply the best."

Android user

“Employees can clock in/out request time off request reimbursements view pay stubs and much more. Fingercheck made our payroll processing a seamless process and would highly recommend to anyone!"

IOS user

download our app

Swap shifts and access earned wages

Make your day-to-day a little bit easier to manage.

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