It's time to rethink benefits for your small business

From open enrollment to 401(k) planning and workers’ comp insurance, Fingercheck makes it easier to support your business and employees.


Benefits that benefit your business

Give employees a better way to manage their benefits, improve your cash flow and avoid surprise bills at year's end.

  • Benefits, all in one place

    Easily manage employee medical, dental, and vision benefits along with all of your insurance policies from one central dashboard.

  • Easy employee enrollment

    Empower employees to manage their own benefit plans through our user-friendly portal.

  • Real-time workers' compensation

    Link workers' compensation to your payroll, so you can pay premiums based on actual wages, not estimates.

  • Simple 401(k) integrations

    Fingercheck integrates with leading 401(k) providers, so your employees can set up and manage their retirement benefits with ease.

Benefits & Insurance

Save time with better benefits management

Eliminate paperwork and outside insurance brokers with Fingercheck’s all-in-one employee management platform.

With Fingercheck, you can:

  • Manage worker’s compensation insurance
  • Calculate WC premiums based on jobs and/or tasks
  • Report Affordable Care Act (ACA) information
  • Offer online open enrollment
  • Issue digital insurance cards
Pricing starts at just $45/month

Automate your payroll & HR today

Employee Benefits made simple

Give your employees easier access to their benefits

Empower employees to manage their own benefits using Fingercheck’s user-friendly employee portal.

With Fingercheck, employees can:

  • Manage dependents
  • Manage qualifying life events
  • Access 401(k) & payroll information
  • Compare insurance plans and enroll online
Work smarter, not harder

Discover the power of smarter employee benefits

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