It's time to rethink benefits for your small business

From open enrollment to 401(k) planning and workers’ comp insurance, Fingercheck makes it easier to run your business and support employees.

BENEFITS, Insurance & 401(k) planning

Solutions that make sense for your business and employees

Give your employees a better way to manage their benefits, improve your cash flow and avoid surprise bills at year's end.

  • Benefits management, all in one place

    Manage employee medical, dental, and vision benefits along with all of your insurance policies from one central dashboard.

  • Quick and easy open enrollment

    Supercharge open enrollment and empower employees with our intuitive benefits management portal.

  • Real-time workers' compensation

    Link workers' compensation to your payroll, so you can pay premiums based on actual wages, not estimates.

  • Simple 401(k) integrations

    Fingercheck integrates with leading 401(k) providers, so your employees can set up and manage their retirement benefits with ease.

benefits management

Save time using built-in solutions alongside payroll

Eliminate paperwork and outside insurance brokers with Fingercheck’s all-in-one employee management platform.

With Fingercheck, you can:

  • Calculate WC premiums based on jobs and/or tasks
  • Report Affordable Care Act (ACA) information
  • Offer online open enrollment
  • Issue digital insurance cards
  • Manage worker’s compensation insurance

Automate your payroll & HR today

open enrollment & benefits engagement

Give your employees easier access to their benefits

Empower employees to select and manage their own benefits using Fingercheck’s user-friendly employee portal.

With Fingercheck, employees can:

  • Compare insurance plans and enroll online
  • Manage dependents
  • Manage qualifying life events
  • Access 401(k) & payroll information
What Our Clients Are Saying
"The benefit of Finger check Payroll is that the platform's functions have helped streamline the process, comply with our labor laws, and save time and resources."
Jodi Heichert

Vice President, Human Resources Optum

"Setting up was very smooth, and they provided excellent customer service. Their team walked us through every step of the process and was available to answer all of our questions."
Rogo Builders
integrated 401(K) planning

Streamline your payroll process and invest in your employees' financial future

Enjoy seamless contribution deductions, automatic employee data syncing, and hassle-free fund transfers to your 401(k) provider, all with minimal effort on your end.

workers' comp insurance

Secure your business and protect your employees

Pay premiums based on real-time costs and actualized wages by combining your payroll & workers’ comp insurance.

Benefits & Workers' Comp FAQs

How does open enrollment work?

At Fingercheck, your employees access an easy-to-use, digital benefits self-portal. Your employees can enroll in benefits, add dependants, and review all their plan/benefits details directly in the Fingercheck app. Visit our pricing page for all the details on our plan packages and features.

Do you integrate with 401(k) providers?

Do you automatically deduct 401(k) contributions from payroll?

Do you offer workers' comp?

How do I enroll in workers' comp?

Why is pay-as-you-go workers' comp better?

How can I get started with Fingercheck?

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