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Time Clock App
Time & Attendance
Time Tracking & Attendance Management
$ 45/mo
$5 per Employee
+ $520 Monthly Subscription
Automated Employee Management Apps
Small Business Starter
Onboarding, Basic Time Tracking & Payroll
$ 79/mo
$8 per Employee
+ $839 Monthly Subscription
Payroll, Scheduling, Hiring, Benefits & More
$ 109/mo
$10 per Employee
+ $1059 Monthly Subscription
360 PLUS
Advanced Payroll & HR for Hourly Employers
$ 159/mo
$12 per Employee
+ $1299 Monthly Subscription
Time Clock App
Employee Management Apps

Plan Highlights

Key Features

Time & Attendance

Small Business Starter


360 PLUS

Time Clock & Time Tracker App - Advanced
PTO Management
Shift Scheduling - Standard
(For salary & hourly workers)
Customer Service - Standard
(Live support from HR experts)
Time Tracking & Employee Attendance - Basic
Automated Onboarding for New Hires - Basic
Unlimited Payroll Processing
(No fees for extra payroll runs.)
Tax Filing & Compliance
Self-Service Portal for Accountants
Workers’ Compensation Insurance
(with option to pay-as-you-go)
Pay On Demand
(Real-time. Terms and conditions apply)
Job Posting, Applicant Tracking, & Hiring
Background Check
Automated Onboarding for New Hires - Advanced
HR Policy Management
Expense Tracking
401(k) Integration
Accounting Software Integrations
(Quickbooks, etc.)
Custom Report Builder & Template Library
Payroll Financing
Shift Scheduling - Premium
(For hourly workers)
Next-Day Direct Deposit
(Terms and conditions apply)
HR Workflow Automation
(Automated task tracking and more)
Benefits Administration
Customer Service - Premium
(Dedicated service team)
Time & Attendance
Small Business Starter
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