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An Update on the Overtime Rule


The fate of the overtime rule has had employers in suspense for the past four months, but now, according to one member of President Trump’s transition team, a final resolution isn’t far off. According to Tammy D. McCutchen, principal at Littler Mendelson and a member of President Trump’s transition team, the Trump administration is prolonging the decision until their expected Secretary of Labor nominee, Alexander Acosta, is instituted.  Acosta’s confirmation hearing occurred on March 22, and according to McCutchen, the expectation is that he will sail through confirmation without any issues. Once instituted, other high-ranking positions at the department will also be filled under his leadership.  In the meantime, the Trump Administration has until May 1st to make a decision, as

What People Are Most Likely to Spend Their Tax Refund On


What would you do if you had a recent windfall of money, say, $3,000? According to the IRS, the average tax refund in 2015 was $3,120. According to GoBankingRates, the average tax refund in 2016 was $2,800. It’s common curiosity to wonder what your peers’ and family’s priorities are when receiving their refund, but if you’re assuming they’re going to spend their refund as soon as humanly possible, think again.  GoBankingRates recently conducted a survey of what people are planning to do with their tax refund, collecting close to 5,000 responses. The number one thing most Americans plan to spend their tax refund on? Pay off debt, followed by a close second of putting in savings. Just 9 percent

Daylight Savings Time | Notice an Extra Hour on Your Employees’ Time Cards?


Over the weekend, Daylight Saving Time officially began on Sunday, March 12th, at 2:00 AM. Those using smart devices, like cell phones, didn’t need to manually turn the clock one hour forward because their devices auto-adjusted. The same applies to our FingerCheck time clocks. FingerCheck biometric time clocks auto-adjust so you don’t have to manually reset the clock. Since the clock adjusts and leaps forward one hour, any employee who is clocked in during the time shift is usually recorded as working longer by one hour. However, FingerCheck’s time calculations takes that into consideration, and automatically adjusts the employee time cards to deduct an hour when Daylight Saving Time begins, and adds an hour when it ends,

Senate Votes to Eliminate Rule Requiring Federal Contractors to Disclose Safety Violations


On Monday, March 6th, the Senate voted to eliminate a safety rule issued by the U.S. Department of Labor in August. The rule, developed under the Obama administration, would require federal contractors to disclose and correct serious safety violations made over the previous three years when bidding for new contracts. During the vote, Republicans scored a narrow victory against Democrats voting 49-48 to eliminate the regulation. While Republicans and business groups are praising the outcome, Democrats point out the safety issues that led to the regulation being formed in the first place.  A report issued by Senate Democrats in 2013 found that almost 30 percent of the top violators of federal wage and safety laws from 2007 to

5 Ways to Improve Your Business’s Digital Impact


If your business’s digital presence is nonexistent or lackluster, you’re missing out on the opportunity to attract new customers, connect with existing customers, and promote your business on the world’s biggest platform. Here are five ways to strengthen your business’s digital impact: Create a nice website In the age of DIY, creating a website is no longer a major project to be outsourced to a professional agency. You can build your own professional website by utilizing platforms like Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, and more. These sites make it easy to design and finesse your very own site, and offers lots of stylish pre-made templates and endless customizations, such as simple drag-and-drop features, video backgrounds, optimized one-page checkout, and more.

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