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New Tablet App Feature: Restrict Punches Based on Schedule

restrict punches on tablet app

We are constantly adding more features that maximize efficiency and control. Out latest feature update on the tablet app will allow you to restrict your employees from making an “in” punch before they’re scheduled to start work. Once you enable this feature, the tablet app will not allow employees to clock in outside their schedule. When employees foresee the need to work longer than scheduled and want to come in earlier supervisors must be notified to enter their times. This can keep overtime costs low and ensure that employees aren’t abusing the system and ensure that employees don’t clock in before their scheduled hours.  In order to restrict punches based on schedule, you’ll need to make a

New: Time Card Marks an Overnight Shift

Employee working an overnight shift

It’s now easier than ever to spot when an employee works an overnight shift, thanks to a new time card icon that visually points to the next day to indicate the end of the shift. You can see this new feature in action in the time card below. As you can see, the punch times are paired together to represent one shift. However, the arrow next to 3 AM indicates that the shift ended the following day.  This new time card icon is a subtle visual that communicates more clearly when an overnight shift ends and can make a difference in how quickly supervisors can review their time cards. FingerCheck constantly strives to improve the experience

New York City Passes Groundbreaking Legislation Banning Employers From Asking About Pay History


The New York City Council voted Wednesday, April 5 to approve legislation that will ban employers from asking job applicants about their pay history when considering them during the hiring process. The bill will impact approximately 3.8 million workers and will prohibit public and private employers from requesting salary history information and querying public records for pay information, though applicants can volunteer the information if they choose. The bill, championed by Public Advocate Letitia James, was first proposed in August 2016 following the release of a report disclosing compelling statistics on the gender wage gap in New York City. Soon after, Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio issued executive orders giving the green light to James’

How to Win a Great Candidate Who’s Considering Multiple Job Offers


Conducting a rigorous job search is exhausting but well worth the effort once you’ve found your perfect candidate. However, nothing complicates the hiring process quite like the introduction of a new job offer. All of a sudden, the roles are reversed, and you’re the one in the spotlight. If you want to win this candidate, consider what’s at stake. Does the competition’s offer outweigh your own? Are you able and willing to offer more than they can?  If you can’t afford a higher salary, is there anything else you can bring to the table to give yourself an edge?  In order to win a great candidate, you’ll need to act quickly. To help, we’ve put together a list of important

15 April Fool’s Prank Day Suggestions for the Office


Though April Fool’s Day falls on a Saturday this year, that’s no reason to miss out on pranking your coworkers, and possibly even your boss. Friday is as good a day as any to celebrate, because when else will you get a free pass to be immature and be remembered as an office legend? Here are some harmless, yet hilarious pranks perfect for the office.  1. Scare the living daylights out of them with a horrifying image tucked into their desk drawer.  Image Credit: marleyransom (Buzzfeed) 2. Brighten the conference room up a little with a surprise balloon party.  Image Credit: williebeth 3. Put some googly eyes on all the food in the fridge for some

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