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General Wellness: The Importance of Self-Care in the Workplace


“You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.” In so few words, this quote reminds us that it’s okay to take a break when needed. Yet mindfulness in the workplace has only recently been recognized as a significant factor in workplace productivity. According to experts, promoting health in the workplace, including encouraging employees to take sick time if needed, is an intrinsically beneficial move that strengthens the health of the business overall. “Values, thoughts, and beliefs drive culture, and employers need to ingrain a culture of wellness throughout the organization.  It’s one thing to tell an employee to stay home if they’re ill, but another for the employee to fully trust that

Building a More Punctual Workforce in 4 Steps: Ending Chronic Lateness

ending chronic lateness in 4 steps

We all have a friend who we know will always be at least fifteen minutes late to every occasion. However, while this may be acceptable in social circles, in the workplace, frequent lateness is usually a red flag. In fact, a study by CareerBuilder found that 40 percent of employers have actually fired an employee for being late.   Despite being practiced in everyday life, some employees are still habitually late. Whether it’s down to bad timing or an unconscious tick, frequent lateness can be distracting, not only to you but to the employee themself, who may be frustrated with their unintentional habits. Here are some techniques you can employ to inspire long-term punctuality: Have conversations on an individual

What’s Going on With The Final Rule Regarding Overtime Pay?

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Employers across the nation were stunned when a federal judge issued an injunction blocking President Obama’s landmark legislation extending mandatory overtime pay to millions, one week before its December 1st start date. Since the ruling was issued on Tuesday, November 22nd, little else has been reported, leaving employers nationwide wondering whether the rule will be axed permanently.  While the injunction is only a temporary measure to stall the regulation, the odds of the revisions taking effect are unfavorable. U.S. District Judge Amos Mazzant agrees with the 21 states and a coalition of business groups that challenged the rule as unlawful. The opposing parties primarily argue that the “final” rule sidesteps the duties test that must be satisfied before an employee is

2016 Review of FingerCheck!

FingerCheck 2016 Review

2016 has been a year of incredible growth and change for FingerCheck. After launching our all-in-one time tracking & payroll platform in January, our entire team has labored tirelessly to support a product we believe has the potential to change the industry. Over the past year, we’ve experienced immense use across the board, thanks to you. We would like to share some metrics with you. In 2016 alone, FingerCheck had:   25,000,000 Punches 800,000 Mobile Punch Selfies 100,000 Employees  processed a Quarter of a BILLION Dollars in Gross Payroll! In order to keep up with our high pace of growth, we’ve made company-wide changes in order to accommodate our newest clients, while maintaining our high technical support standards across the board.

How to Help Your Employees Succeed With Their New Year’s Resolutions


No time is better than the New Year for a fresh start. Each and every person working for you has personal and professional goals they’re most likely working toward this year, and now is the perfect opportunity to encourage their growth. Whether it’s leading a healthier lifestyle or learning new skills, you can create a culture that allows your workforce to flourish. Here are some options to consider:   1. Offer advancement opportunities – Invest in your employees by implementing training programs for better skill development. Promoting continuing education in the workplace demonstrates your commitment to helping your employees grow in their current roles and beyond, and will educate and prime them for greater responsibility in your company. Through such programs

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