Automate recurring tasks easily with Workflows

Save valuable time, reduce errors and build a smarter business with Fingercheck’s efficient, customizable workflows.

Workflows for growing businesses

Keep your systems running smoothly

Get in the flow of saving time and reducing errors, with customizable workflows that are easy to use and unique to your business.

  • Customizable workflows

    Create dynamic workflows that fit your unique business needs, from employee onboarding to performance reviews.

  • Seamless integration

    Keep data accurate with integrated workflows. Plus, further customize your systems with our library of APIs.

  • Automated notifications

    Get notified about essential info, like new hire paperwork or payroll changes, and never miss another deadline.

  • Support on speed dial

    Not sure where to start? Our customer support team is always standing by to help you create your optimal system.

POWERFUL FEATURES & capabilities

Automate tired tasks with Fingercheck

Keep things running smoothly behind the scenes, take back valuable time and minimize expenses with automated workflows. 

Create workflows for essential tasks, like:

  • Hiring and applicant tracking
  • Onboarding & offboarding
  • Expense management
  • Employee management

Workflows are set and forget automations designed to save small business owners time and money

Faster onboarding experiences

Use the "onboarding checklist" in Workflows to auto-send to new hires and get instant progress alerts. Reduce paper waste and simplify onboarding.

Automate tasks like ordering uniforms

Replace manual request orders and assign tasks directly to employees via email — ensuring digital accountability without the paperwork.

Turnkey employee training ​

Automate the assignment of mandatory training sessions via email. Say goodbye to booking conflicts and securely store training records for future use.

Optimize inventory management​

Build custom Workflows templates to automate everyday tasks around inventory tracking and reorder notifications to ensure supply levels.

Efficient Tools for More Effective Teams
“The platform is very easy to use. Fingercheck offers many additional services that help streamline the payroll process.”
Dassy Kaufman

CUE Residential

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