Automate tasks to save time and money

Workflows from Fingercheck solves these problems for you by helping you automate repeatable business tasks, minimizing room for errors and increasing overall efficiency.

Take Back Your Time!

With Workflows, you can streamline your day and take back the time you spend manually entering data. Workflows lets you automate and structure manual tasks and hold all employees accountable for those tasks – in one place.

Automate Actions and Tasks

Fingercheck lets you create three types of Workflows to help you do business better:


Fingercheck lets you create three types of Workflows to help you do business better:

Document Management

Format and create reports, store licenses and certifications.

Profile Management

Set-up HR profiles for employees and assign benefits for your company.

Full Features

If cutting expenses matters to your small business, then you need Workflow now. With Workflows, small businesses can save money by automating the following, tiresome, HR tasks:

Hiring & Applicant Tracking

  • Keep job descriptions up-to-date
  • Track progress with hiring
  • Score resumes


  • Give access to apps & devices,
  • Schedule new employee training
  • Record I-9 information in the HRIS or other data repository


  • Deprovision equipment and access
  • Update payroll and finance
  • Send alerts of any issues along the way

Expense Management

  • Create a report, assign tasks, and track progress from a dashboard
  • Collect data and documents
  • Move users through the expense management process

Employee Management

  • Quickly and accurately process adjustments to employee roles
  • Change company policies so your company doesn’t skip a beat
  • Capture employee info in seconds

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