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We understand that running a business comes with its unique set of challenges. Whether you're looking to improve your payroll, manage a mobile workforce, tackle tricky scheduling, or handle any other aspect of your operations, we've got you covered.


Take control of shift changes, time-tracking and payroll easily all within the same platform.


Maximize productivity and minimize downtime on your manufacturing line with our user-friendly solutions.


Spend less time doing paperwork and more time in the store focusing on driving sales.


Stay on top of shift changes, staff certifications, tip allocation and legal requirements in just a few clicks.


Easily manage multiple pay rates and departments, handle cash flow across various projects and sites, and comply with reporting requirements. 

Technical Services

Gain a competitive edge in the professional and technical services industry with Fingercheck's powerful solutions.

Real Estate

Say goodbye to payroll, tax and HR worries as our platform handles everything, allowing you to dedicate your time and energy to delivering high-quality real estate services.

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"They are open and available first thing in the morning to answer any questions or needs in a very timely manner! Amazing technical support along with quick response times."
Jillian S.

HR/Administration 7 Point Holding

"Best Payroll Program! Very easy to use. I love the website and the application on iPhone as well."
Elvira Quilit
"The customer service team is super helpful and knowledgeable, and responds quickly."
Zeldy E.

Office Manager

"Fingercheck support is very helpful"
John Patrick Perlas

Call Center Agent BPO


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