Make any day a payday for your employees

Let’s face it, life often throws unexpected expenses at everyone. Maybe it’s the transmission in your car, a sick pet, or a broken water heater. Helping your hourly employees handle these challenges shows them that you care. And that’s where the idea of paying on demand comes into play.

Whether it’s called pay on demand, same-day pay, earned wage access, EWA or wages on demand, this is one of the fastest-growing employee wellness programs on the market today. And, rightly so, because Pay On-Demand isn’t just for the employees. It also helps business owners attract and retain their people, and there's no cash flow outlay from you as the employer. Fingercheck will advance the money from our balance sheet!

Employees rely on their checks

Nearly half of Gen Zs (46%) and Millennials (47%) live paycheck to paycheck and are worried they won’t be able to cover their expenses.

Improve employee retention

Salary is the leading reason why Gen Z and Millennials left a role in the last two years.

Simple For Employers

Pay On-Demand doesn’t add any additional work to your payroll administers – all calculations are adjusted automatically.

Pay On-Demand Infographic

Pay On-Demand by Fingercheck allows you to pay your employees now for wages they already have earned. Providing access to earned wages during the pay cycle can reduce stress and financial burdens for your employees. And that, in turn, can improve retention rates and help with your recruitment efforts.

Start Pay On-Demand Today!

To offer Pay On-Demand to your employees, please fill out the form below. Current Fingercheck clients can also apply directly through the Fingercheck portal.

Pay On Demand

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