Earned wage access for small business owners

Pay On-Demand lets you provide your workforce with greater financial control and flexibility, leading to happier and more engaged employees.

Pay On-Demand

Increase employee retention and productivity

Create better business outcomes with earned wage access.

  • No extra work or costs

    Pay On-Demand is included in all of our payroll plans. We do all the work, and there are no extra costs for employers.

  • More financial flexibility

    No more waiting for paychecks. Employees can request up to 50% of their earned wages ahead of payday.

  • Better financial wellness

    Employees get more financial control. So they can avoid late fees and better manage their cash flow.

  • Easier budgeting

    With Pay On-Demand, employees can build better budgets, plan for expenses, and prepare for unexpected events.

case study

ESHYFT and Fingercheck Join Forces to Disrupt The Traditional Payroll Cycle

“Pay On-Demand is our most requested feature – through our partnership with Fingercheck, our nurses have more control and greater financial flexibility. It’s about giving them the freedom to access their hard-earned wages whenever they need it.”

Employees love it!

Earned Wage Access: a proven path to happier and more productive employees


of employees say access to their earned wages helps them pay their bills on time and avoid late fees.


of employees say access to their earned wages has helped reduce their financial stress.


of employees say access to their earned wages has helped them avoid taking out a payday loan.

Source: Forbes (2022) - Small Business: How Earned Wage Access Can Upend Predatory Lending and Build Employee Financial Wellness


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What Our Users Are Saying
“I am so happy ESHYFT has implemented this new feature. Pay On-Demand is very easy to utilize and works exactly as described. I hope others will enjoy the feature as much as I do.”
Regina Smith


“I absolutely love Pay On-Demand! I like the fact that I can request my pay early if necessary. It’s extremely easy to follow the step-by-step directions to request next-day pay!”
Vanessa Thompson



Pay On-Demand FAQs

What is Pay On-Demand?

Pay On-Demand is Fingercheck's Earned Wage Access (EWA) solution. It offers employees access to their already-earned wages ahead of payday.

How do I know if my plan has Pay On-Demand?

Are there extra costs for my business if I offer Pay On-Demand?

How do I activate this for my business?

How do my employees enroll?

How quickly are funds made available?

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