Give your SMBs better options

By teaming up with Fingercheck, your clients gain access to automated payroll and HR solutions tailored for SMBs, allowing them to reclaim valuable time in their day.

bank or credit union partnership overview

How a partnership with Fingercheck works

  • Zero risk

    No long integration process or partnership costs.

  • Mutual growth

    Generate new business and shared revenue alongside Fingercheck marketing support.

  • Improved offering

    Offer your SMB clients tools that help them automate parts of their business – starting with payroll and HR.

  • SMB retention

    Don't let your SMB clients partner with a Fintech for a service your bank could offer!


Banks risk losing 89% of SME business to fintech challengers

Source: Finextra 2022

What Our Partners Are Saying
"As an innovative bank focused on empowering our SMB customers, we are excited to join forces with Fingercheck. "This partnership highlights our commitment on behalf of small businesses helping them grow and scale their business operations."
Philip Suckow

VP of Innovation Incrediblebank

“Great app, could see my worked hours, over time.... and MUCH MORE it's simply the best."

Android user

“Employees can clock in/out request time off request reimbursements view pay stubs and much more. Fingercheck made our payroll processing a seamless process and would highly recommend to anyone!"

IOS user

Why partner with fingercheck?

Key benefits

  • Join other trusted banking partners like Jack Henry and Incrediblebank.
  • Zero risk, high reward: Revenue sharing, no financial exposure.
  • SMB support: Your bank or credit union can provide a foundation of trust and reliability that keeps SMBs more engaged, setting yourself apart from using alternative fintech solutions for their financial needs.

Partnership FAQs

How does GTM work? What's needed from my Marketing team to go to market with Fingercheck?

It's all about teamwork! And Fingercheck is here to help! We need both the Financial Institution's Marketing Team and ours to sync up on the milestones and tasks laid out in our go-to-market plan. Think of it as a joint effort to review and tweak co-branded content to ensure it's just right and all parties are comfortable with the GTM plan and mutually agreed-upon tactics.

How does Fingercheck track Partner referrals?

Is there anything the financial institution has to purchase or install?

Will Fingercheck's client service standards and time frames match our standards?

Do partners need to undergo a full vendor management review?

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