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Trnasparent FingerCheck360 LogoHeadquartered in New York City, FingerCheck is a leading software company that provides employers with innovative software to automate their payroll needs. The software is separated into two products, FingerCheck and FingerCheck360. FingerCheck is a robust and full software system built for superior time and attendance management, while FingerCheck360 adds on HR, Employee Onboarding, and Payroll for a full one-stop shop for all the vital services you need.

Originally inspired by the lack of enterprise-wide time and attendance solutions for small to mid-sized firms currently on the market, FingerCheck was founded to provide smaller companies with the kind of technology usually reserved for larger corporations. Today we service companies of all sizes and offer our standalone time tracking solution, FingerCheck, and a premium all-in-one software solution that incorporates HR, Applicant Tracking, and Payroll in addition to Time and Attendance.

FingerCheck the Cloud-Based Time Tracking Software Solution

Utilizing the power of the cloud, business owners can conveniently access their entire management software from anywhere in the world and control all their time attendance and payroll needs. Employees have multiple punching methods including facial and fingerprint recognition using our top-of-the-line biometric clocks and additional options like our mobile app with GPS tracking and web browser.

Included in our time clock application are a number of advanced features that allow employers to manage their workforce with unprecedented authority. Administrators can generate sophisticated reports allowing them to analyze customizable pockets of data, set up daily alerts to be notified of employee punch activity in real time, and reference our audit trail to view any changes made to the system.

Additionally, employers can arrange for employees to log in and access the software so they can oversee their hours, make PTO requests, check their schedules, and more. FingerCheck was designed to provide the utmost accurate job recording possible, so supervisors can choose to prompt employees to input certain details when they punch, such as their job, location, department, and/or task.

FingerCheck360 the Cloud-Based All-In-One Time Tracking and Payroll Solution

FingerCheck360 is FingerCheck’s newest solution, which transforms FingerCheck into an all-in-one platform complete with HR, Employee Onboarding, Time Tracking, Payroll, and optional Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

Built for ease and efficiency, FingerCheck360 truly helps you excel at managing your company. Each stage of employee management is automated: from searching for a new employee, to bringing a new hire onto your staff, and then tracking time and paying your new employee, it’s intuitive.

The highlight of FingerCheck360 is its unique integration of time tracking and payroll within one system. No need to export timesheets, no need to set up an integration – simply run payroll directly within the software, and sit back as the software automatically files all state and federal taxes for you.

Running payroll is easy and can be done on your computer or right from your smartphone. Payroll can even run itself if you enable our auto-run payroll feature. Interested to learn all the delights of Fingercheck360? 

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