Payroll & HR for manufacturing & logistics

From managing pay rates and tracking shifts to ensuring safety compliance, discover how we can optimize your operations and keep your facility running smoothly.

Fingercheck for Manufacturing & Logistics

Boost your productivity and focus on what you do best

Maximize productivity and minimize downtime on your manufacturing line with our user-friendly solutions. From ensuring safety compliance and minimizing employee absences to optimizing communication, we can help you maintain a seamless and efficient workflow!

Features for Manufacturing & Logistics Industries

Power up your operations with a modern payroll experience

  • Automated payroll & HR

    Automate your payroll, manage benefits and track time – from one centralized platform. Save time and reduce manual errors.

  • Smarter scheduling

    Create, update and distribute employee schedules – give your employees the flexibility to swap shifts quickly.

  • Faster communication

    Streamline employee communications when it comes to shift times, productivity goals and safety information all within one centralized platform.

  • Compliance support

    Let Fingercheck handle everything from taxes, compliance and adjusting to labor laws for your diverse workforce and across all operating locations.


Automate your payroll and HR today

What Our Manufacturing Clients Are Saying
“It's a great tool, extremely easy to understand and navigate, and yet quite simple in its design. The support is great as well - whenever we have an issue (not that we have had too many), they're always there to help us resolve this."
Anna Pavliutina

Culinary Depot

payroll built for today's workforce

Give your business and employees more flexibility

With easy-to-use tools and features, we simplify paying employees, filing taxes and staying compliant with labor laws. 

  • Pay On-Demand

    Improve retention and talent acquisition. Let your employees access their earned wages on their schedule.

  • Next-Day Pay

    Running late? Process payroll by 6:15 p.m. (ET) and deposit your employees' paychecks the next business day.

  • Payroll Debit Cards

    With earnings loaded directly onto the card each payday, it's just like direct deposit, but better.

  • Payroll Financing

    Say goodbye to complicated loan processes and hello to hassle-free financing. Apply for a loan directly on our platform.


Keep your business safe without breaking the bank

We help you gain valuable insights, safeguard your company and employee data, and ensure state and federal compliance. 

Fingercheck is SOC 2 compliant and helps you gain insight into the inner workings of your business, with peace of mind. 

Powerful features for the manufacturing industry:

  • Tax compliance on every level
  • Payroll and tax forms
  • 401(k) and benefits information
  • Workers’ Comp Insurance and more!
Work Smarter, Not Harder

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