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Here’s everything you need for year-end planning and preparation, right at your fingertips, to make filing a breeze and as stress-free as possible.

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Fingercheck's Year-End Resource Guide is your go-to spot for tax-related information. This information is here to help you organize your end-of-year materials.

Year-end checklist

Key things business owners can do to file their year-end data.

Year-end webinar

Our Customer Support team has tips to make year's end easier.

Year-end FAQs

Quick question? We might have the answer in our FAQ list.

Year-end prep blog articles

Visit our Small Business Hub for all the year-end articles and info you'll need!

2024 federal holiday calendar

Look no further! Stay ahead of all the dates you need to know for next year.

401(k) and IRA increases

Get all the recent news, forms and information directly from the IRS.

Year-End Filings & Filing Data Accuracy Checklist:

Key year-end areas to double-check

If you have questions or need assistance, please email or call us at 800-610-9501

  • Data Accuracy Check

    Take a few extra minutes and ensure that the your data entered into your Fingercheck account is correct.

  • Deadline for Data Entry

    Add any missing payroll data to your account by Friday, December 29 to avoid late processing fees.

  • Areas to Review

    Make sure to thoroughly verify SSN accuracy on W-2 and 1099 forms, evaluate Third-Party Sick Pay, bonuses, and S-Corp Medical, and confirm the payment and accuracy of all manual checks.

  • Additional Filing Services

    Review and consider Fingercheck's additional filing services. For example, 1099-NEC Filing: Opt-out by Friday, December 29 if desired.

  • ACA Compliance

    For companies with more than 50 full-time employees, ensure you have taken care of health insurance compliance. Contact by Monday, December 18 if needed.

  • Form Availability & Location

    Keep track of your forms with these deadlines: Quarterly Forms are due on Wednesday, January 24, 2024. Year-end documents should be submitted by Wednesday, January 31, and remember that W-2/1099 Forms are due by Tuesday, January 16. You can easily access all your forms on the Fingercheck platform under the 'Payroll' tab.

Year-end webinar

Get tips, advice and insights to make your year-end as painless as possible from our expert customer support team!

Download the PDF from the webinar below 🎉

FAQs about year-end filings

Year-End Tax Prep can be confusing. But we promise that we will help. One way we’re doing that is with this handy FAQ list. Have more questions? Please email or call 800-610-9501 .

When will my W-2s be ready?

W2s will be available to download between the first to second week of the new year.

When will my year-end reports be ready?

Do we have to file for 1099 employees?

How do I run a bonus payroll for year-end?

When is the deadline to add wages for my 1099s?

How do I make a payroll to max out my 401(k)?

How do I allow for lump sum 401(k) contributions?

What is the deadline to record wages for 2023 without an amendment?

How do I create an accrual policy?

How do I offer benefits & open enrollment?

What about third-party sick pay at the end of the year?

How long do I have to file my third-party sick for New Jersey?

How do I get W-2s to terminated workers?

Why is my employee’s first check of 2024 net and taxes different amounts than the last check of 2023?

Need IRS info quick? Look no further!

Key resources to check when you have questions

These details are offered as informational resources. Remember to run your questions and tax data by your tax professional.

  • Annual Limits for 2023

    Payroll deductions and taxes have annual limits that can impact employees' net pay - get the latest on Retirement and Health deduction limits. Read more

  • IRS Online Tax Calendar

    The IRS Online Tax Calendar allows you to view due dates and actions for each month. Read more

  • Understanding Employment Taxes

    Employers must deposit and report employment taxes. Understanding Employment Taxes is a resource the IRS offers to explain what you need to know. Read more

  • Tax Withholding Estimator

    Need to figure out your tax withholdings? The IRS provides this tool to estimate the federal income tax you want your employer to withhold from your paycheck. Read more

  • Filing Status

    Not sure what your filing status is? It’s important to know because it is used to determine your requirements, deductions, eligibility for credits, and the correct tax. Read more

  • Form 941

    Each Form 941 you file reports the total amount of tax you withheld during the quarter. Click here for help determining your Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return status. Read more

  • Correct a W-2 form with W-2C

    When mistakes happen, do your best to correct errors quickly. The IRS has detailed instructions on correcting W-2s. Read more

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