Stay organized with all your employees in one place

Streamline your business systems (like payroll, HR, and benefits) with Fingercheck’s all-in-one people management platform.

People Management

People management you can run in your sleep

Let Fingercheck handle the management minutiae, so you can focus on growing your business.

  • All-in-one platform

    Streamline your payroll, HR, time tracking, and other essential employee data with one powerful dashboard.

  • Customizable workflows

    Create more efficient administrative systems with customizable workflows that fit your unique business needs.

  • Mobile & user-friendly

    Allow employees to clock in, request time off, view schedules, and more – all from our self-service mobile app.

  • Expert HR concierge

    Let us help you create employee manuals, legal contracts, and more. Plus, tap our personalized HR support whenever you have questions.

Pricing starts at just $45/month

Automate your payroll & HR today

Simple & intuitive

Your better business starts with smarter management

Create an employee management system to be proud of with Fingercheck’s easy-to-use, customizable platform.

With Fingercheck, you can:

  • Create custom employee handbooks and manuals
  • Track birthdays and work anniversaries 
  • Manage PTO requests & time off policies
  • Schedule and post employee reviews
  • Build an online employee directory
  • Offer license & membership renewals
  • Manage employee training & certificates
Efficient Tools for More Effective Teams
“Very robust and flexible platform, with lots of different options.”
Matt Twersky


Work smarter, not harder

Discover the power of smarter employee management

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