Create, submit, and approve expenses at scale

With Fingercheck, employees can easily submit reports on the go, while business admins can quickly approve them with just a click of a button in our mobile app.

quick and easy expense reports

We make payroll easy, so why not expenses?

Every small business has expenses; everyone, from the owner to the top performer, hates tracking expenses. With Fingercheck, employees and business admins can track, organize, submit, approve, and reconcile costs in half the time it takes to do expenses the old fashion way.


Submitting expenses has never been faster

No more waiting for reimbursement checks or dealing with lengthy expense approval procedures.

Our app goes the extra mile by seamlessly integrating with popular accounting software, including QuickBooks, to simplify the tracking and approval of expense requests.

  • Auto reimbursements with direct deposit

  • Securely store photos of receipts

  • Auto-categorization of expenses

  • Easily assign recurring expenses

  • Eliminate manual entry & needless paperwork


Automate your payroll & HR today

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The simplicity! It is effortless to use; from adding time to holidays, PTO, or regular time, it's easy. I have used other programs, but they were never simple. This system is excellent!
Meagan Scott

Aloft Management

“Very robust and flexible platform, with lots of different options.”
Matt Twersky


Work smarter, not harder

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