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Fingercheck Scores Big Once Again at the G2 Awards

Fingercheck is paving the way for a truly innovative spring with industry awards and numerous new product innovation rollouts. Fingercheck wants to help its customers run their businesses more efficiently. According to the recent G2 Spring Awards, users think Fingercheck is doing a great job. G2, internationally recognized as the world’s most comprehensive software marketplace

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6 New States Adopt Fingercheck’s Payroll & HR Solution

Last week we added Washington, D.C. and now Fingercheck is happy to announce six (6) states that have adopted our all-in-one HR & Payroll platform! Only 3 states remain before we have the entire country covered! The six new states added are: Alaska North Dakota South Dakota Montana Iowa Vermont So, if you’re a small

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Washington DC

Nation’s Capital Adopts Fingercheck’s Payroll & HR Solution

Fingercheck is excited to announce that our nation’s capital, Washington D.C. now offers our all-in-one HR platform that includes payroll to local D.C. businesses. So, if you’re a small business owner (in DC) looking to use a single, easy-to-use automated platform to run payroll and manage your entire workforce – Fingercheck is now available! Our all-in-one platform features:

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Wyoming: Latest State to Adopt Fingercheck HR and Payroll Services

Fingercheck is excited to announce that Wyoming is the latest state to adopt our all-in-one HR platform, which includes payroll! So, if you’re a small business owner (in Wyoming) looking to use a single, easy-to-use platform to automate payroll and manage your entire workforce – Fingercheck is all you need! Our all-in-one platform features: Automatic

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Idaho, Latest State to Adopt Fingercheck Payroll

Typically known for its mountainous landscapes and vast swaths of protected wilderness, Idaho, now has the added distinction of  being a Fingercheck payroll state! Yes, the gem state is the latest to adopt our all-in-one HR platform, which includes payroll. So, if you’re a business owner looking to use a single, easy-to-use platform for your payroll

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Get an IRS Tax Notice? Don’t Panic!

Periodically, businesses of all sizes receive IRS tax notices. So, when you do – don’t panic! We’ve launched a new platform feature allowing users to conveniently upload a notice (even child support orders), directly to our platform. Once uploaded, our in-house team will review it and guide you on any necessary steps to take. In

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The “New” Office – How Companies Will Make Them Safe

As lockdown restrictions loosen, businesses slowly (and cautiously) see employees return to the workplace.  Of course, the office employees left, won’t be the same they return to. Making the workplace safe and making employees feel safe, will require new office policies and rules to limit the potential spread of the coronavirus. Business owners, HR personnel,

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New Payroll Report Feature Makes SBA Loan Applications Easier

Fingercheck’s recent platform update has made it easier for payroll clients to obtain a Small Business Association (SBA) loan from the Federal Government.  The recently passed Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) and the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security (CARES) act are each, aimed at assisting struggling businesses adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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New Payroll Financing Terms Announced

There’s plenty of differences between small, mom and pop shops and midsized to large business and corporations. However, the only thing they all have in common as of late, is that all are feeling the harsh sting of the COVID-19 outbreak. So, what can be done? That’s a good question. At this point, until fears

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Total Business Insurance Coverage Has Arrived!

Fingercheck is pleased to announce that through our affiliate, the Fingercheck Insurance Agency, we now offer a variety of comprehensive business and workers’ compensation insurance designed to make running your business easier. “This truly makes us an all-in-one platform for business owners to manage workers’ comp entirely under one roof”, says Fingercheck CEO, Joel Kohn.

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