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FingerCheck’s Time Attendance Software is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses in need of a streamlined time-tracking solution. Our online time clock system is designed to make logging hours an effortless process, as employees can easily use it anywhere in the world and access all of their information online. Using manual timecards can be a time-consuming and inexact process. Now, thanks to FingerCheck, your company will save valuable time and money. This 21st-century solution makes organizing and tracking hours simple so you can turn your attention back to the work that matters.

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    Thanks to our Amazon Redundant Servers, your data is safe and secure in the Cloud!

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    Features like Automatic Alerts & Advanced Scheduling provide you efficient office management.



  • adam-gold

    Unfortunately a few months ago our offices were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. Our files were lost and we were forced to move our operations to a different location, as our facilities were damaged beyond recognition. One of the positives was thankfully we were using FingerCheck. All of our hours were stored in the cloud so our data remained in perfect condition and we were able to easily retrieve all our vital information. We were able to use the mobile app to punch from our temporary office, and FingerCheck even sent us a brand new clock at an unbelievably low and discounted price. I can’t express how thankful I am.

    Adam Gold
  • Linda-Turner

    We have a small family owned and operated store in Indiana. Though our staff is small, I wanted a way to regulate who works what hours and pay my employees as accurately as possible. Before getting a time and attendance solution, we logged our activities with a simple pen and paper, but there was no way for me to track time on a more detailed basis, or over a longer period of time. Also, when someone forgot to record their hours, we had to guess how long they worked, which I didn’t like. I happened upon FingerCheck and decided to try the free trial, and haven’t looked back since. We bought a biometric clock so our employees could punch in and out online or at our store. I’m confident now that I know my company is operating with accuracy.

    Linda Turner
  • sam-l

    Our IT professionals are mainly on the road servicing up to five clients a day.  Before integrating FingerCheck into our system, it was hard to know where our techs were and how long they were spending at each job site. For our complex company structure, FingerCheck’s flexibility and design has allowed us to keep track of our employees’ whereabouts, and provides our employees the most accurate reporting possible. FingerCheck’s job costing has made it incredibly easy for our techs to enter detailed information when they punch, like what client, task and job. They use the FingerCheck Mobile App to punch on the go, and we get their GPS coordinates so we know they are actually on the job.

    Sam Lehman
  • Jacob-K

    I am by no means computer savvy so support is very important to me. From the moment we signed up we had a dedicated rep working with us every step of the way. We weren’t shy about asking our implementation specialist to help set up our account, and they put in all the company policies we enforce and also our various pay types and division earning codes. When I want to add or tweak a component within the solution, I can call the support number and a technician will either help me do it, or walk me through the steps. We couldn’t be happier!

    Jacob Keller
  • team

    I love how intuitive FingerCheck is. I had been considering using a time attendance solution to better my workforce management for a long time, but was always put off by the fear of being chained to an overly complex piece of software. The sales rep assured me that FingerCheck would be the system I had been looking for – I could have a specialist set up all my rules and policies and explain all the functionalities within the solution to me. I loved the convenience of being able to access the software using any web browser. My employees could be set up with self-service to view their hours and the mobile app would let the both of us remain on top of our time attendance. The design of the site makes it easy for me to make any change I want, and I know I can call in to support or view pictorials in the Help Desk for troubleshooting help.

    Stuart Atkin
FingerCheck mobile


With our mobile apps for the iPhone and Android it is highly convenient to punch and view your attendance!

FingerCheck available on the App store FingerCheck available on Google Play
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or log in from any touch device to m.fingercheck.com to access our mobile app.

Online Time Clock

The efficiency you’ll find in an online time clock makes it the new standard of employee time-tracking. With time clock software from FingerCheck, you receive a number of advanced features with your subscription to make your job even easier, including advanced reporting payroll integration, employee reporting, as well as job costing, which comes standard with each plan. Need to email reports and time cards? No problem! In fact, with our time clock app, you can track our employees from anywhere with an internet connection. Streamline your payroll process today with the state-of-the-art time-tracking system from FingerCheck.

Time Clock App:
Take Your Time-Tracking Wherever You Go!

The time clock app from FingerCheck allows managers to track their employees while on the go. The app is convenient for drivers, salesmen, and business people who travel often, and it can be used to access all your information via the app available for any smart phone or using any web browser. You can even receive daily alerts detailing employee tardiness and absences. The user-friendly interface makes it simple for anyone to use, and full reports and analyses can easily be accessed at any time, anywhere. Available on both the Android Market and iPhone App Store, the time clock software is an affordable solution that works for you. Upgrade your outdated time-tracking system; FingerCheck utilizes the latest technology to increase efficiency, usability, and improves payroll accuracy.


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