Create, track and share work schedules in minutes

There’s an easier way to build and manage hourly schedules, let Fingercheck show you how.

Work Scheduling software at its best

Take back your time with automated scheduling

Set your business and employees up for success. Stop wasting time building schedules and put more time back in your day.

  • Quick and easy scheduling

    Create schedules, assign and adjust hours, and drag-and-drop shifts with our intuitive employee scheduling tool.

  • Put more hours back in your day

    Manage staff hours and approve time-off with ease. Reduce costly errors and know you’re properly staffed at all times.

  • Faster communication for your employees

    Make it easier to connect with your team. Share schedules, send reminders, and get notified when schedules are confirmed from anywhere, on any device.

  • Easily post Open shifts all at once

    Do you have multiple shifts to fill ASAP? Our Open Shift feature lets you post them all at once, allowing you and your employees to fill them faster!

Flexible & Efficient

Automatically organize your organization

Make light work of employee shift scheduling with our easy-to-use Scheduling features.

With Fingercheck, you can:

  • Add, copy, edit, or delete work schedules from any device
  • Send real-time alerts when changes are made
  • Create and assign open shifts as needed
  • Empower staff to manage their own shift swapping

Automate your payroll & HR today

work scheduling software

All the scheduling features you'll ever need

Save time and effortlessly manage your workforce with automatic schedule building, tracking and planning.

  • Labor forecasting

    Keep your business moving forward and in-budget with hourly trends and payroll analytics.

  • Fill open shifts faster

    Make it easier for your team to fill shifts, increase coverage, and maintain staffing levels from your phone.

  • Trade and swap shifts

    Give employees more flexibility to trade shifts to reduce no-shows, all while saving you time trying to find coverage. No last-minute calls or texting!

  • See team availability

    Gain real-time visibility into your team's availability, enabling you to create more accurate schedules that align with their preferences, ultimately reducing turnover.

Scheduling use cases by industry

Improve you bottom line and increase employee morale with automated scheduling features

Ensuring staff coverage

Meet John, a restaurant manager. He's aware that ensuring proper staffing levels in the front and kitchen is essential to meet customer demands. With Fingercheck's scheduling, he can create schedules that precisely align with peak dining hours and ensure that every position is covered. The software helps him forecast labor requirements based on historical data, providing adequate coverage at all times.

Cost control

One of Jane's challenges is managing labor costs effectively. She has a budget to meet, and scheduling too many employees can lead to unnecessary expenses. Using Fingercheck, she can monitor the scheduled hours to ensure they align with her budget. This helps her make informed decisions to control labor costs while maintaining operational efficiency.

Multi-location staffing

Meet Sarah, a nurse manager responsible for staffing across multiple healthcare facilities. Sarah knows the challenges of ensuring adequate coverage in various locations, especially when some of her team members are willing to travel while others are not. Fingercheck's scheduling tool enables her to address this issue effectively.

Efficient tools for more effective teams
"The simplicity! Effortless to use; from adding time to holidays, PTO or regular time, it's easy. I've used other programs, but they were never simple. Fingercheck is excellent!"
Meagan Scott

Aloft Management Mid-Market (101-999 employees)


Scheduling FAQs

Whats is Fingercheck Scheduling and how does it help my business?

Simply put, we make it easy for businesses and employees to create, track, and manage scheduling. This way, our customers and users can reduce the time they spend on scheduling and use that time for something else. Even better, Fingercheck's Scheduling features work perfectly with our Payroll, Time Tracking, and People Management solutions, so you don't have to juggle multiple platforms when managing your entire business.

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