A smarter way to track your hourly employees

Replace manual systems and automate employee time and attendance tracking with Fingercheck.

Time Tracking & Attendance

Manage employee hours like clockwork

Reclaim valuable hours, reduce errors, and empower employees to manage their own time tracking.

  • Employee-friendly app

    Get accurate time tracking and attendance data by offering employees a simple, mobile solution for clocking in and out.

  • Automated time tracking

    With our direct integration, you can automate your time tracking and reduce the risk of manual errors.

  • Seamless payroll integration

    Automatically sync employee time tracking data with your payroll system and avoid costly mistakes on pay day.

  • Real-time reporting

    Use our comprehensive dashboard to evaluate real-time attendance and overtime reports, so you can make more informed decisions.

Stop throwing away your time & money

Hourly errors lead to costly payroll mistakes

  • 40% of small businesses incur an average of $845 a year in IRS penalties as a result of mismanaged payroll processes (American Payroll Association).
  • 33% of employers make payroll errors costing billions of dollars annually, according to the IRS.
  • 1 out of 5 employees have participated in some form of time theft, which can cost companies up to 7 percent of their gross annual payroll (Software Advice).
Pricing starts at just $20/mo +$7 per Employee

Automate your payroll & HR today

Save time and eliminate time tracking errors for your hourly workers

How Fingercheck supports businessess with non-desk workers.

Construction Sites

Time tracking helps site managers and owners plan scheduling, forecast hours, remain in compliance, and budget for payroll. Tracking time, both hours and breaks, is crucial for your hourly workers across any job site.

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Transportation or Delivery

Your employees can clock in and out with their specific PIN, SMS code, card, fingerprint, palm print, or facial recognition. And you can capture photos or use GPS to confirm eliminate buddy punching.

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Traveling Nursing

If you have nurses who travel to more than one location for shifts, Time Tracking helps by allowing them to clock in and out with their phones. You’re able to set geographic (geofencing) rules to make sure they’re at the correct job site. And their hours are reported in real-time.

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Cleaning Services

Your hourly employees can clock in/out via the Fingercheck Mobile App and get notified of shift assignments or changes. Even better, you'll have GPS tracking for off-site projects, task logging, and real-time monitoring to ensure your business delivers exceptional value to your clients.

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Efficient Tools for More Effective Teams
“There are multiple options of how you can log in or log out, which cover many different workstyles – remote, hybrid and office-based. It's also great in terms of tracking PTO days usage and managing accrual policies.”
Anna Pavliutina

Culinary Depot

“They solve the issue of keeping track of my employees' hours with just one push of their fingerprint, which has been helpful. I do not have as many missed punches with this system."
Meagan Scott

Property Manager

"The easiest way of processing payroll and to be able to keep track of hours”
Daniel Goldstein

RPL Fulfillment Center

simple & self-service

Avoid costly mistakes

Stop getting bogged down in the details. Save time and make it easy for employees to track their own hours.

With Fingercheck, you have access to:

  • In-app time entry and time tracking approvals
  • Automated alerts and employee push notifications
  • Biometric time clocks
  • GEO tagging and job fencing
  • Unlimited 7-level job costing
  • PTO accruals and time-off requests

“I never found anything so simple as Fingercheck.”

Time-Tracking FAQs

What is Time Tracking, and how can it benefit my business?

Fingercheck Time Tracking is a comprehensive solution to streamline and enhance your time management processes. It enables businesses to efficiently track employee work hours, monitor productivity, and simplify payroll operations. By automating timekeeping tasks, Fingercheck helps you save time, reduce errors, and improve overall workforce efficiency.

How does Fingercheck Time Tracking work?

How does Fingercheck adapt to the specific needs of my business?

How does Time Tracking work with my payroll?

Does Fingercheck track location?

How can Fingercheck Time Tracking contribute to increased productivity?

Does Fingercheck stay compliant with labor laws and regulations?

How does Fingercheck cater to the needs of hourly employees, and what benefits does it offer for managing their work hours?

How can my business get started with Fingercheck Time Tracking?

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