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By Emily Burch Harris
April 20, 2023

At Fingercheck, when our customers offer feedback, we hear them loud and clear. You asked for an easier way to add your accountants to your company in Fingercheck, so we made that happen. Previously, you had to ask to add your accountant from our Referral Page – now you can do it instantly within Fingercheck!

This enhancement saves you time and helps your accountant access your business documents faster than ever before. 

How it works

When an admin or supervisor user is logged in, they can add an accountant to their company from the Security Users screen. There they can search a list of accountants who already partner with Fingercheck or refer a new one directly from this screen.

  • If your accountant already partners with Fingercheck, they will have access to your company in their Accountant Portal instantly. 
  • If you are referring an accountant that is new to Fingercheck, they will receive an email invitation to set up an Accountant Portal with us. 

The Accountant Portal provides your accountant with a convenient cloud-based portal to quickly and securely access the data you want to share, like payroll records, general ledger, and tax-related forms.

How do I add an accountant to my company?

Adding your accountant to Fingercheck is easy and takes only a few seconds. When you’ve followed the steps below, your accountant will be able to access your company’s documents, including:

  • Payroll
  • Reports
  • General ledgers
  • Tax forms
  • Compliance logs
  • Workers’ compensation records

Follow the steps below to add an accountant:

  1. Log in to your company with your administrator credentials
  2. In the left-hand menu, go to Setup
  3. Go to Security, then Security Users
  4. Click ‘Add’
  5. Select to option for ‘Add Accountant’ and click ‘Continue’
  6. Search for an accountant by their name or their firm name
  7. Select your accountant
  8. Click ‘Grant access’

If you’d like to watch a video demonstration or read an additional article, you can do so here

That’s it! If your accountant already partners with Fingercheck, they’ll receive an email that they’ve been invited to your company and can now see it in their Accountant Portal. If your accountant does not yet partner with Fingercheck, they’ll receive an email to set up an Accountant Portal to access your company. From their Accountant Portal, they can access your company’s documents.

What if I don’t see my accountant while searching?

If you don’t find your accountant while searching, you can easily refer them. Click on “Register my accountant” and enter their name, firm, email and phone number. We’ll do the rest! 

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