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What’s the SECURE Act 2.0?

Congress made sweeping changes to the nation’s retirement system to allow employees to save and invest toward their retirement when senators and representatives crafted the SECURE Act, which became law on Jan. 1, 2020. This was the largest retirement reform since the Pension Protection Act of 2006, and it passed 417-3, indicating that both political …

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pay transperancy

 NYC Adopts Pay Transparency

New York City has joined several other U.S. cities with its own pay transparency law. Employers in the Big Apple now must modify how they advertise job openings. NYC’s Salary Transparency Law is the latest addition to a suite of anti-discrimination protections for New Yorkers who are seeking employment. The law went into effect on …

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How do you pay your employees?

Paycards offer a modern alternative to payday Paying your team with direct deposit or paper checks has its limitations. The most efficient way to make sure your staff gets paid is by using reloadable paycards. These cards, which essentially function as debit cards, are the modern alternative to the old system of paychecks. Paycards, or …

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end of q3

Q3 Ends Soon: Are You Ready?

The third quarter ends on Friday, September 30th. Here are 6 Tips to avoid any issues with your company’s quarterly tax filings. TIP #1: PROCESS YOUR PAYROLL EARLY TO AVOID PENALTIES AND FEES. At the end of each quarter, it’s critical that you close all open payrolls, particularly those with voids. Remember: Any open payrolls …

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corpnet + fingercheck

Business Tax Registration

Fingercheck offers State Tax Registration with CorpNet. Fingercheck is proud to help you with your state business tax registration needs, whether you have one or multiple locations. Our new partnership with CorpNet provides our clients with a fast and smooth Payroll Tax Registration process. Our specialists manage the process of registering your new business for …

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Compliance Calendar

Get Your Dates Straight

At Fingercheck, we know how busy we are and we can only imagine how busy you are, too. Running a successful business is a balancing act, and staying on top of all of the key dates that come with it – tax deadlines, performance evaluations, filings – can seem like another job entirely. It’s no …

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