Overtime Hours

How To Rectify Overtime In Job Costing

Numerous businesses have implemented “job costing” reports as part of their monthly accounting to monitor the costs and profits of each job that the company takes on. This can be a helpful tool in calculating exactly how profitable or costly each project is. Yet there is one potential thorn in the side associated with job

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Compliance Calendar

Get Your Dates Straight

At Fingercheck, we know how busy we are and we can only imagine how busy you are, too. Running a successful business is a balancing act, and staying on top of all of the key dates that come with it – tax deadlines, performance evaluations, filings – can seem like another job entirely. It’s no

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2021 Year End Header

Fingercheck Year-End 2021 Checklist

When year-end approaches, it is crucial that you review the following checklist to make sure that you have provided us with all of the necessary information to ensure we handle your year-end tax filings correctly. Please review each step, as we will generate your company’s payroll forms based on the data provided within Fingercheck. Please

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The Danger and Hidden Costs of Outdated Technologies

Corporations historically have made decisions based on stability and functionality when considering new technologies, investing in solutions that increase productivity. Yet still, a survey of nearly 3,000 U.S. working adults found that U.S. businesses lose up to $1.8 billion each year in wasted productivity due to obsolete technology. According to the survey, workers spend an

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child counting money

Expanded Child Tax Credit Monthly Payments Start Today!

Starting today – July 15, families with children will receive more money due to the expanded Child Tax Credit. Working families can expect to receive up to $3,600 per child under the age of six, or $3,000 per under the age of 18. The credit would come as a monthly payment of up to $300

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pay stub

The Difference Between a Paycheck and a Pay Stub

Ah, payday. We all look forward to it. But what’s the difference between a paycheck and a pay stub. We break it down for you. What’s on a Paycheck? For starters, a paycheck is a physical (paper) check made out to the employee for the amount to be paid based on their salary or hours

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What is Payroll and How Does it Work?

By definition, payroll is the function of a business paying its employees. Payroll includes the distribution of currency in the form of checks and/or direct deposits into an employee’s bank account. A vital aspect of payroll also includes keeping records of these payments and paying taxes on behalf of those employees as per the guidelines

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PPP Loan Deadline Extended to May 31

Small businesses now have an additional two months to apply for the Paycheck Protection Program. The March 31st deadline has been pushed to May 31, thanks to the Senate on passing the PPP Extension Act of 2021. Passage of the PPP extension came nearly one week after the House approved the bill. In addition to

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book with magnificent glass on it

What’s the Difference Between an Accountant and a Bookkeeper?

Ask someone what the difference between an accountant and a bookkeeper is, and they may find it difficult to answer. Some would say they’re the same – but that would be incorrect. While bookkeepers and accountants share common tasks and functions, they support businesses in different stages of the financial cycle. Here’s an explanation of

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