Fingercheck now also supports payroll in Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Utah! This makes the total number of states supported over 50 percent, with 28 states covered. If you’re based in any of these four states, you can eliminate all the platforms you use to manage your business’s time and attendance, payroll, and HR and switch to one platform that does it all.

Our payroll solution provides you with everything you need to run payroll yourself in just a few minutes online or using your smartphone. Simply review your employees’ time cards within Fingercheck, preview a full payroll breakdown of your staff’s earnings by hours and amount, and run payroll. Fingercheck files and deposits your state and federal payroll taxes each time you run payroll.

Our payroll system is efficient and user-friendly, with many convenient features that make managing your own payroll easy, like auto-run payroll, payroll preview, and detailed reports. Automatic reimbursements and deductions are easy to set up, and quarterly filing and year-end reporting and filing are taken care of for you. Plus, you get unlimited payroll runs and other features you wouldn’t get by outsourcing the process to a third-party vendor.

From hiring to onboarding to time tracking to payroll, Fingercheck’s integrated all-in-one model is designed to help you digitally connect all your processes within one paperless platform.  If you’re already using Fingercheck for time and attendance, you can upgrade to our fullest, most robust platform by calling 800-610-9501 or emailing for more information. You can also check out our website.

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