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10 Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day in the Workplace


When your employee shows up to work, you expect them to leave everything at the door, focus on work, and make the most of their time on-the-clock. What you probably don’t often see or discuss is the sacrifices they make by being a working father. Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to recognize and thank the hard-working dads for putting in an honest day’s effort regardless of circumstances, sleep-deprived, bleary-eyed and all.   Here are ten great ways to celebrate the fathers in your workplace:  1. Pass out nice gift frames to the fathers in your office so they can display photos of their children. It’s a great personal gesture that allows them to celebrate fatherhood 365

Employers Name Online Time Tracking as Most Preferred Method of Timekeeping [INFOGRAPHIC]

Conceptual photo depicts cloud-filled sky in background as man holds up tablet and laptop devices with screens matching clouds to symbolize cloud-based time tracking systems.

According to a recent survey conducted by Paychex, the most preferred method of tracking time worked is using a web application. The survey, conducted online between March 31, 2017 and April 8, 2017, polled 400 leaders of U.S. companies with less than 500 employees, and found that 29 percent of business owners favor online time tracking, with paper coming in at 20 percent, and mobile applications coming in at 14 percent. Of those employers polled, younger business owners in particular (61 percent of those ages 18-34) said they prefer online time tracking versus older business owners (47 percent of those ages 50 or older) who said they prefer tracking time via paper timesheets. We’ve compiled some of the statistics

5 More Common Ways Businesses Unknowingly Break the Law

Disappointed businessman crosses the street alone after committing one of the most common ways businesses unknowingly break the law.

We received a lot of interest from readers after publishing our article on common ways businesses unknowingly break the law, which we included in our monthly newsletter. With the advice of those same legal contacts, we are sharing some additional blunders that can get businesses into big trouble today.  Here are five more common ways businesses unknowingly break the law: 1. Mishandling Medical Situations  According to Employment Attorney J Bryan Wood, Founder of The Wood Law Office LLC, employers commonly break the law in ways that don’t really matter. However, there are a few ways that do, like mishandling their employees’ medical situations.  “One important thing employers frequently mishandle is their employees’ medical situations – particularly non-work-related ones

FingerCheck Updates Its QuickBooks Desktop Integration

FingerCheck QuickBooks Integration

We’ve updated our QuickBooks Desktop integration with an external plugin that will allow for greater functionality when importing/exporting data.  Automatic Job Import If you use FingerCheck to track time allocated to jobs, in order for your employees to have an up-to-date job selection when clocking in, you would want to import all your customers from Quickbooks. Also, if you want a complete and accurate breakdown of the total cost per job/customer, including all employer taxes and workers’ comp insurance, you know how important it is for that data to sync with QuickBooks.  However, in order to make sure the data is seamlessly integrated between FingerCheck and QuickBooks, the customers and jobs need to match. We are excited to tell you that

5 Common Ways Businesses Unknowingly Break The Law


You’re a business owner, which means you operate and manage your own business. Whether you have just one employee, fifteen, or fifty, regardless of the size of your operation, you’re responsible for complying with federal and state laws that apply to your business and your workers. We rounded up some of the most common ways businesses unknowingly break the law:  1. Misclassifying employees As we’ve seen before, businesses that misclassify employees are at-risk for being taken to court. When asked for feedback on the top mistakes employers commonly make, Mason Cole, founding partner of Cole Sadkin said, “Improperly classifying employees as independent contractors, and then getting hit by the Department of Labor for non-compliance. The DOL requires


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