Utilize Cloud Technology to Humanize Your Business

By Katherine Muniz
December 22, 2017

It used to be that technology and the “human factor” were associated as two competing approaches to accomplish business outcomes. One was seen as the way of the future and the other, potentially replaceable. However, today cloud technology is widely utilized to enhance the efficiency of people-driven processes, empowering businesses to more easily manage their operations.

Cloud computing increases accessibility to systems designed for improved business management, including hiring, onboarding, HR, time tracking, and payroll. Not only can these systems give your business a competitive edge, but they can also be implemented company-wide in order to connect the entire team.

A cloud program is hosted online, operating as a centralized database that can be logged into and managed at any time from anywhere.

Employee-centric Softwares provide employees with access to review and manage their personal records, such as payment history, bank details, benefits, and timesheet data. No longer are supervisors responsible for retrieving and communicating information that employees can access on their own.

Additionally, HR software can keep you in the loop in regards to your employees’ birthdays and work anniversaries, harmonizing and humanizing work relationships.

Cloud technology is today’s solution for reducing the effort required to manage every facet of your business. It bridges the gap between employees and employers, improves productivity and streamlines time-consuming manual processes.

Fingercheck is an all-in-one platform that paperlessly simplifies workflow and makes it easy to manage employees and your business as a whole, including HR, time and attendance and payroll. Interested? Sign up for a free 30-day trial of Fingercheck360 today.

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