February 2016

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How to Get Your Employees to Love Time Tracking

Let us let you in on a little secret – employees are typically just as interested in reviewing their hours as their managers – really! After all, timesheets lead to paychecks, so naturally, most employees want to keep track of their hours in order to stay on top of their earnings. A web-based application that…

Calculator, payroll reconciliation figures and pen.

The Unseen Costs of Traditional Payroll Processing – Infographic

If you’re a business owner, you know your company inside and out. From the salaries you give to the marketing expenditures you approve, you know where every cent and dollar goes. However, there are some costs that are less easily identifiable. Take, for instance, your company’s payroll processing costs. If your company is still relying…

company party

FingerCheck Celebrates Its 3rd Anniversary! Company Party Recap

FingerCheck recently celebrated its third anniversary with food, drinks, employee prizes, and entertainment galore! On January 28th at The Loft Steakhouse, our company joined for a night of celebration and fun as we unwound and recapped the company’s success and achievements. Throughout the night, employees and their guests were treated to fine dining, free party bags,…

Illustration in flat style of businessman hopping over three time clocks signifying acing time and attendance with FingerCheck tips and tools.

Top 5 Game-Changing FingerCheck Features

FingerCheck’s time and attendance software offer powerful features that allow you to do much more with your solution than you may previously have known. Here’s a roundup of our top five most convenient (and cool) tools. Electronic Signatures on Timesheets FingerCheck has three-level approval for timesheets so, at the close of each pay period, administrators,…


Working Off-the-Clock: Is It Ever Legal?

In today’s day and age, it’s hard to avoid off-the-clock work. The accelerated increase of technological developments and the rise of the mobile workforce have allowed for a work culture that is ‘always on.’ “The U.S. workplace has moved to a place where employees are expected to be available and on-call 24-7, even if that…

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FingerCheck360 Now Offering 3rd Party Check Services, Printing Logos on Checks, and Notes on Pay Stubs

FingerCheck360’s top-notch payroll compliance team has been hard at work incorporating additional payroll services for the benefit of our clients! We are excited to announce that you can now turn to our new online payroll solution, FingerCheck360, to handle 3rd party checks, print checks with your business logo, and add notes to your employees’ paystubs.…

w-4 form

Everything You Need to Know About the W-4

As you know, the W-4 Form is used so that your employees can have the proper amount of federal tax withheld from their pay. Pretty simple, right?  It can become complicated, though and I’m here to help you through it. First Thing’s First Administering the W-4: You already know that an employee has to fill…

Time is money concept illustrated by a dwindling hourglass and coin currency., signifying the need for efficient time management.

The Keys to Successful Time Management With FingerCheck

As a manager, no one knows the value of time management more than you. With very little time to dedicate to tasks outside your managerial agenda, you are only as productive as your technology is. FingerCheck was programmed with a variety of shortcuts to reduce the time you spend carrying out day-to-day functions, allowing you to…

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