FingerCheck Celebrates Its 3rd Anniversary! Company Party Recap

By Katherine Muniz
February 16, 2016

FingerCheck recently celebrated its third anniversary with food, drinks, employee prizes, and entertainment galore!

On January 28th at The Loft Steakhouse, our company joined for a night of celebration and fun as we unwound and recapped the company’s success and achievements. Throughout the night, employees and their guests were treated to fine dining, free party bags, and employee awards, not to mention an unforgettable session of hypnotism (yes, you heard right!).

During the festivities, Director Joel Kohn shared some of FingerCheck’s biggest accomplishments and points of growth to date. For starters, approximately 40,000 employees currently clock into our FingerCheck systems daily. And, wait for it – to date, $1,287,191.02 in gross payroll has already processed through our payroll system, FingerCheck360, since its launch in January 2016.

After recapping the company’s growth CEO Kohn was careful to stress the importance of working with urgency for the year ahead. “Technology runs faster than the speed of time. In order for us to stay in the lead, we can’t just pat ourselves on the back for our past accomplishments, but continuously focus on the future. With our goals spelled out clearly we can more easily concentrate on moving forward this 2016.”

Two stand-out employees were honored for their hard work and job performance with an award of the year. To round out the night, a hired hypnotist provided entertainment with the help of several employees and guests! Needless to say, FingerCheck’s third annual company party was a great success.

With plans for the future spelled out, we intend on making 2016 our most exciting year yet! Thank you for your business – we cannot wait for the changes to come.

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