FingerCheck360 Now Offering 3rd Party Check Services, Printing Logos on Checks, and Notes on Pay Stubs

By Katherine Muniz
February 8, 2016

FingerCheck360’s top-notch payroll compliance team has been hard at work incorporating additional payroll services for the benefit of our clients! We are excited to announce that you can now turn to our new online payroll solution, FingerCheck360, to handle 3rd party checks, print checks with your business logo, and add notes to your employees’ paystubs.

3rd Party Checks

As an employer, you may be responsible for making child support and/or garnishment checks on behalf of any of your employees. You can now use FingerCheck360 to print these checks each time you run payroll.

How does it work? Within our payroll software, you are able to enter any deductions you want to be made on your employee’s gross pay. You can set up a payee (the agency or recipient you are sending payment to) and assign that payee to the deduction.

The deduction will be made during each payroll, and after you’ve finished running payroll, you can click on “Print Agency Checks” to print these checks, already generated with the proper amount and recipient information, which you can then send on their way. In the future, we hope to offer electronic payments as well. This service is provided completely free for your benefit!

Add Logos to Checks

You can now print out checks with your company’s logo! Within seconds, you can upload an image of your company logo and add the logo to all your business checks. Personalizing your checks is a simple, effective branding move that enhances your business’s professional image.

You can even order blank checks and FingerCheck360 will print your logo and your bank account number on them. To begin personalizing your checks, simply go to Default Settings within the Setup tab to upload your company logo.

From the Company menu on the left-hand side, navigate to the Payroll Menu and click on your bank account. Within your bank account, you’ll be able to check Show Logo on Checks.

Once you’ve done that, in the future your checks will automatically print with your company logo on them!

Add Notes to Paystubs

Using FingerCheck 360 online payroll, you can now add a personal note to an employee paystub while processing payroll! Whether you’d like to write a personal note thanking an employee for their hard work or commemorate a work anniversary or birthday with a thoughtful message, you can add your own personalized touch to any paystub.

Adding a note is simple. During the fourth step of the payroll process, click on the dropdown menu icon next to your employee’s name and select “Personal Note.” Enter your personal note and save – it’s that easy! Our payroll software is constantly advancing and evolving to meet the needs of our clients.

If you’d like to make a request or suggestion, please leave a comment below!

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