Top 5 Game-Changing FingerCheck Features

By Katherine Muniz
February 12, 2016

FingerCheck’s time and attendance software offer powerful features that allow you to do much more with your solution than you may previously have known. Here’s a roundup of our top five most convenient (and cool) tools.

Electronic Signatures on Timesheets

FingerCheck has three-level approval for timesheets so, at the close of each pay period, administrators, supervisors, and employees can all verify the hours are correct before running payroll.

In addition to that, administrators can require employees to sign off on their timesheets as an extra precautionary measure. Employees can sign electronically using the FingerCheck mobile app or our web-based time attendance software.

Custom Reports

FingerCheck’s web-based time attendance software has an impressive array of reports you can run instantly, but recently we added a Custom Reports feature that allows you to make your own report.

You can choose which data sources to pull data from, which tab to put the report in, the data fields included in the report, and even customize the fields by adjusting the fields according to color, width, etc. You can also sort your report by last name, first name, etc. in ascending or descending order.

Check out our help desk article on how to create custom reports. If you encounter any challenges, contact our tech support who will be able to answer all your questions.

Photo Capture

If you’re a boss that likes to know what your employees are up to at all times, you can enable “photo capture” on the mobile app to receive photo evidence of your employee whenever they make a mobile punch.

\Simply select an employee from the Employee tab, go to “Web Access” and check the box that says “Take Photo on Mobile Punch.” Once you do that you can go to the Time Card tab and select any of your employees and the day and punch to review their photos.

Apart from the mobile app, our employee time clock software also offers a tablet app that can be used as a time clock terminal, also built with a photo capture feature that can be enabled for punches.

Punch Notifications

Using FingerCheck’s time and attendance software, you can also set up alerts that notify you when employees punch, don’t punch, punch in/out late or early, etc. You can even be notified if your employees take a long break or exceed their maximum hours.  The options are endless.

You can map these alerts to be sent via email, text message, or push notification (to your FingerCheck mobile app). To do this, you’ll need to set up an alert policy, which you can then apply to specific employees.

Job Fencing

With FingerCheck’s employee time clock software, you can restrict the zones employees are able to punch in from, and what jobs they can punch in for. When punch attempts occur outside a specified perimeter, FingerCheck can conveniently alert managers of the incident via punch notification by text, email, and push notification.

According to the action type you select, you can choose whether FingerCheck accepts the punch or not. You can also set up whether the alert should notify you, and under what conditions it should notify you. You can learn more about the process of setting up job fencing by reading up on our help desk.

FingerCheck’s web-based time attendance software is jam-packed with convenient features that allow you to truly master your workforce management with ease. If you enjoy being equipped with the best tools on the market, FingerCheck’s highly flexible, customizable software can do almost anything you need it to for your company.

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