Surviving Remote Work: Lessons From The Open Office

By Ben Douglas
September 17, 2021

It’s becoming increasingly evident that remote work is here to stay and will be an integral part of our future work culture. This means that businesses will need to think critically about the needs of a. Considerations from the last phase of office innovations – the open office – can help firms make wise decisions for the future.

Surprises From The Open Office

The open office concept centered around the idea that fewer walls would mean more conversations amongst employees. However, many organizations found that the shift had the opposite effect and, in many instances, lowered productivity levels. Employees chose tools like slack and email over face-to-face meetings, and many found it hard to focus within the open office environment. Fast forward to 2020, the work-from-home culture resulting from the pandemic introduced a whole new set of hurdles for HR teams.

How To Build a Remote Culture

The most important thing any company can begin doing to thrive in the new remote culture is to track various metrics concerning work style changes. For example, analyzing how client turnover is affected by the new remote office policy will help you assess its effectiveness. Organizations should scrutinize the ripple effect resulting from these recent workstyle changes.

Lesson Learned From The Open Office

The open office era taught us that several factors go into creating a dynamic work environment. Effective offices need privacy, ergonomic longevity, and conditions that help with focused work between interactions, among other things. HR departments will have to be intentional when considering how to accomplish these results for distributed organizations.

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