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By: Ben Douglas May 20, 2022

How To Rectify Overtime In Job Costing

Numerous businesses have implemented “job costing” reports as part of their monthly accounting to monitor the costs and profits of each job that the company takes on. This can be a helpful tool in calculating exactly how profitable or c
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By: Ben Douglas May 06, 2022

Employer Gaffes, Corrected

Nobody’s perfect, but as an employer, you should ardently strive to be your best for your clients and your staff. There are sundry errors that management can routinely make when dealing with personnel, but there are simple ways to avoid t
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By: Ben Douglas May 05, 2022

Keeping Employees’ Schedules In Check

If you run a business that utilizes hourly employees, it’s imperative to keep an organized, up-to-date schedule for your workforce. From construction companies to restaurants, organizations staffed by hourly workers need to schedule their
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By: Ben Douglas May 04, 2022

How To Calculate True Labor Costs

If you’re running a service or construction business, you know that one of your top priorities is to track your profits per job accurately. Determining labor costs is often one of the most significant expenses to your bottom line. So what
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By: Ben Douglas Feb 16, 2022

How to Properly Manage Remote Workers

For obvious reasons, more and more companies find themselves with fewer physical bodies in the office. The recent surge in Out of Office work has not dipped, as remote workers are apparently here to stay. This of course presents business
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