Hit the Road with Fingercheck

Our mobile app allows employees and supervisors to take advantage of countless features that include: Time tracking and GPS punch verification, payroll records and online scheduling. Employees can clock in from any place in the world, view schedules, and request absences. Supervisors can check on who has clocked/punched in, easily monitor activities and approve absences – all from the palm of their hand.


Manage your team on-the-go

Manage Your Team On-The-Go

Enhance employee management with the app’s easy-to-navigate interface. See who’s in and review punch details, clock in on behalf of employees, set future schedules, approve time-off requests, make timesheet approvals and run payroll, no matter where the job takes you.


employee mobility

Employee Mobility

Staff feels empowered to handle all HR tasks via smartphone. Beyond time tracking and timesheet approval, the employees can view PTO balances and easily request time off & reimbursements, access schedules, pay stubs, digital insurance cards and the company directory.


Clock-in security customization

Clock-in Security Customization

Punches can have GPS tagging and require punch photos to avoid any buddy-punching concerns. Administrators can also restrict punches to a specific smart device, job or geographical area. The sophisticated system lets you manage from afar, granting special permissions when necessary.


Portable payroll access

Portable Payroll Access

Run payroll from your smartphone with complete detail and payroll preview. Employees then receive push notifications and view their stubs. Users can quickly log in and approve timesheets, request time off, update directory information, add/edit direct deposit, and edit important tax forms.

Now In
Employees Hands

  • Clock in/out with GPS tagging
  • Update pay information & tax withholding
  • Clock in/out with a photo
  • View timesheets and schedule
  • Manage emergency contacts
  • Digitally sign to approve timesheets
  • Manage dependents
  • View personal pay stubs and pay history
  • Edit contact information
  • View PTO balances and request time off
  • Access the employee directory
  • Request expense reimbursements

Now In
Employer Hands

  • Dashboard graphs break downtime data
  • Approve & edit reimbursement requests
  • Receive push notifications and alerts
  • View punch details with GPS & photo
  • Enter punches for employees
  • Punch in and transfer full crews
  • Run all reports from Fingercheck
  • Check who’s working and where
  • Preview & process payroll
  • Approve and edit requested time off
  • Access employee directory

Stay In Touch and In Control

Fingercheck Mobile gives the entire team “on-the-go” access to time-saving tools to
maximize productivity and convenience.

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