12 Days of Advice For Time Tracking and Payroll Management

By Katherine Muniz
December 1, 2016

If you’re up for a challenge, we’ve curated twelve days of FingerCheck time tracking and payroll advice for your consideration. The goal?

To challenge yourself, build on your skills and knowledge, and better your business. We’ve outlined some recommended practices and exercises to help you get the most out of FingerCheck and take your business into the New Year stronger than ever before. If you’re game, read on:

Day 1: Create written payroll procedures.

Consider creating written payroll procedures to preserve the A, B, and C’s of your payroll process. Taking steps to write payroll procedures and guidelines ensures that invaluable knowledge is documented and can be transferred to other members of staff should your payroll team become unavailable. Cross-training employees is often a ‘must’ for small businesses whose workers need to be able to perform a wide range of duties.

Day 2: Consider giving the gift of employee self-service.

If you haven’t already heard of employee self-service, it’s an add-on employee perk that can save you time, effort, and energy. Employees with zero access to review their own data are reliant on their supervisors to fetch the information and answer questions. Employees with self-service to FingerCheck are able to independently review their own timesheets, request time off, review their schedules, and more. That means more time for you to run your business.

Day 3:  Check out FingerCheck’s high-tech features.

If you’re a tech enthusiast, we’ve added a number of innovative features to our platform, including fingerprint sign-in on the mobile app, expense reporting on the mobile app, two-factor authentication for heightened security, general ledger integration with Quickbooks, mobile photo capture, and Geo Live Map. You can review all our new features made over the past two years here.

Day 4: Assess your payroll operations for improvement.

There are a number of ways to assess your payroll operations for improvement. In an expert article lead by our Payroll Compliance Director Merle Capello CPP, she and other industry professionals touch upon ten payroll practices that you may want to rethink.

Day 5: Explore the mobile app.

Our mobile app, FingerCheck Mobile, is our one-point solution for all your mobile time tracking/payroll needs. Not only are employees able to punch in and out from their phones with GPS tracking, but FingerCheck also provides far more value by offering essential functions within two separate user-based dashboards. Supervisors and employees with FingerCheck can use the app to manage time and attendance, and those with FingerCheck360 also have access to payroll-related tools.

Day 6: Run a report.

If you’re not dealing with complex analytics or large employee numbers, you may not see the point in making the effort to run a report, but we’re confident that once you run one, you’ll never manually check employee time cards again. Get a quick feel for our easy reports by checking out this help desk article (if you’re looking for more advanced tools, we have a custom report builder and ACA reports). If you’re short on time, you can even call our technical support team and request them to set up a report for you.

Day 7: Use FingerCheck to manage remote employees.

If you choose to let your employees work remotely, FingerCheck can be a great tool to utilize. Not only can your employees easily clock in and out from their computer they can also leave you detailed notes on their progress. For control purposes, you can limit which device your employee(s) are able to clock in and out from by restricting their IP address.

Day 8: Try FingerCheck Time Clock.

Interested in supplying your employees with a time clock but don’t want to make a substantial financial investment? We designed FingerCheck Time Clock for you. It’s an app that virtually transforms your tablet into a sleek time clock employee can quickly clock in and out from. You can lock the screen and even make it so that the app never falls asleep.

Day 9: Avoid incorrect payroll calculations.

Any payroll professional worth their salt should be able to do manual payroll calculations. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not a time-consuming challenge. An integrated time tracking/payroll software solution allows you to calculate more complex rates of pay with a diminished risk of clerical hours. Consider signing up for a free trial of FingerCheck360 to experience what an automated payroll system can do.

Day 10: Read up on our blog.

Our blog provides you with interesting and informative content that addresses current news, FingerCheck developments, and general topical advice across an array of subjects related to your business management. Subscribe to our newsletter to get our highlighted content for the month.

Day 11: Get rewarded.

Refer a fellow employer to FingerCheck and get rewarded each time they stay with us past the 30-day trial. If you enjoy FingerCheck, why not convert your colleagues? It’s a win-win.

Day 12: Try FingerCheck360.

We’ve added beneficial services to FingerCheck360 like free new hire reporting, automated child support payments, auto-run payroll, payroll preview, easily customizable employee agreements, and more.

It’s the smart business management solution you need and it’s getting better by the day. Plus, the ability to manage time tracking and payroll using one platform? Unheard of.  By the end of our “twelve days of advice,” you’ll have uncovered more value in our software and bettered your business too.

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