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FingerCheck Updates Its QuickBooks Desktop Integration

FingerCheck QuickBooks Integration

We’ve updated our QuickBooks Desktop integration with an external plugin that will allow for greater functionality when importing/exporting data.  Automatic Job Import If you use FingerCheck to track time allocated to jobs, in order for your employees to have an up-to-date job selection when clocking in, you would want to import all your customers from Quickbooks. Also, if you want a complete and accurate breakdown of the total cost per job/customer, including all employer taxes and workers’ comp insurance, you know how important it is for that data to sync with QuickBooks.  However, in order to make sure the data is seamlessly integrated between FingerCheck and QuickBooks, the customers and jobs need to match. We are excited to tell you that

New Tablet App Feature: Restrict Punches Based on Schedule

restrict punches on tablet app

We are constantly adding more features that maximize efficiency and control. Out latest feature update on the tablet app will allow you to restrict your employees from making an “in” punch before they’re scheduled to start work. Once you enable this feature, the tablet app will not allow employees to clock in outside their schedule. When employees foresee the need to work longer than scheduled and want to come in earlier supervisors must be notified to enter their times. This can keep overtime costs low and ensure that employees aren’t abusing the system and ensure that employees don’t clock in before their scheduled hours.  In order to restrict punches based on schedule, you’ll need to make a

New: Time Card Marks an Overnight Shift

Employee working an overnight shift

It’s now easier than ever to spot when an employee works an overnight shift, thanks to a new time card icon that visually points to the next day to indicate the end of the shift. You can see this new feature in action in the time card below. As you can see, the punch times are paired together to represent one shift. However, the arrow next to 3 AM indicates that the shift ended the following day.  This new time card icon is a subtle visual that communicates more clearly when an overnight shift ends and can make a difference in how quickly supervisors can review their time cards. FingerCheck constantly strives to improve the experience

FingerCheck Tablet App Can Now Display Employee Time Cards

Time cards on the tablet app

One of FingerCheck’s most innovative products is our FingerCheck Time Clock app, which turns Apple and Android tablets into fully functioning time clocks. While this time clock app was already designed with several useful features, it’s getting a functional update with the ability for employees to view and approve time cards right from the app.   Once the feature is enabled, employees will be able to view and approve their time card whenever they pull up their profile. The Time Card opens to a visually appealing display that provides the employee’s total hours per pay period alongside a list of daily totals. They can tap any day to review the day’s total hours, punch times and punch details. If the company

FingerCheck360 Now Detects When Employees Are Paid Less Than the Minimum Wage


If you use FingerCheck360 payroll and keep up with our new features, you know that we are always enhancing our payroll platform for your benefit. Keeping you in compliance with state and federal laws is our top priority, especially when it comes to paying your employees. That’s why we are introducing a new payroll feature that detects if your employees are being paid less than the federal/local minimum wage while running payroll.  FingerCheck360 will automatically determine if the employee is below the minimum wage threshold by taking into consideration the state, company size, and other factors that impact the way minimum wage is calculated. If it detects that an employee is going to be paid less


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