How FingerCheck360 is Replacing Countless Tasks & Paperwork

By Katherine Muniz
August 10, 2016

FingerCheck360 is your go-to platform for managing your employees and taking care of business. Built with your needs in mind, FingerCheck360 uses a simplified approach to business management, connecting services like HR/applicant tracking, employee onboarding, time tracking, and payroll within one system.

Interested in knowing what you can automate with FingerCheck360? From start to finish, online onboarding to online payroll here’s a quick breakdown of the many ways FingerCheck360 eliminates paperwork and makes your life simpler:

Paperless HR

Applicant Tracking – FingerCheck360 helps you hire new talent by making it easy for you to create a job, post your job to social media platforms, email job links to interested candidates, screen applicants, and finally make a new hire decision! You can also run background checks.

Employee Onboarding – Once you’ve made a new hire, FingerCheck360’s online employee-onboarding module allows you to quickly add your new employee to FingerCheck360 while generating electronic tax documents like the I-9 and W-4 Forms. We can also report new hires.

Electronically Customize Employee Agreements – Streamline your employee agreements by uploading editable templates you can use over and over again. The agreements will auto-fill with the employee’s specific information based on the information they entered in the onboarding process. All that’s left to do on the employee’s side is to e-sign!

Storing Employee Attachments – Whether it be documents, contracts, licenses, or memberships, these important files can always be uploaded and saved to FingerCheck for easy access.

Paperless Time Tracking

Digital Timecards – Our digital timecards are efficient and informative, displaying punches, punch exceptions, punch information, and icons indicating specific details, like a punch that’s been edited or a punch that contains a photo.

PDF Reports – Run template reports or custom reports with just a few clicks. Pore over large scopes of data according to the parameters you set, online or from your smartphone.

Digital Signatures – Want two or three-level approval for timesheets before exporting to payroll? No problem! Supervisors and employees can sign off on timesheets using their computer mouse or their finger on the mobile app.

Mobile App – The mobile app is a coveted feature that comes included with your subscription to FingerCheck360. Built with separate dashboards for supervisors and employees, it houses essential time and attendance/payroll functions in a mobile-friendly format.

Punch Alerts – Always stay on top of your employees’ attendance by setting up text/email/push notifications that alert you when your employees punch in late, don’t punch at all, and more options.

Easy Online Payroll – Payroll software is built into the same system so that you can conveniently run payroll right from FingerCheck360 — timesheets become pay earnings and ensure the highest accuracy possible.

Paperless Online Payroll Automation

Automatic Tax Filing – Your state and federal payroll taxes are filed and deposited automatically, which means goodbye to paper forms!

Auto-Run Payroll – Set your payroll on auto-pilot and watch as FingerCheck360 calculates and processes your company’s entire batch of online payroll data based on the actual hours worked each pay period.

Payroll Preview – Our unique Payroll Preview feature allows you to preview your costs in detail prior to approving payroll.

Direct Deposit and Paycards –  FingerCheck360 offers fantastic payment alternatives to traditional paychecks, such as direct deposit and paycards.

Paperless Paystubs – Employees can review their pay stub online or on their smartphone, which you can add notes to for a personal touch.

General Ledger Integration – If you use Quickbooks or Quickbooks Online for your accounting, you can export the costs of your entire payroll into QB or QBO by generating a General Ledger export file that breaks down your expenses and liabilities and maps your expenses as credits and debits in order to give you a running activity total.

Paperless Tax Compliance

Electronic New Hire Reporting – FingerCheck360 reports your new hires electronically according to your state’s regulations and requirements.

Quarterly Filing Forms – In addition to debiting, filing, and depositing your state and local taxes, we also provide you with your quarter-end package, including copies of the Federal 941 (Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return), your Tax Account Statement, and statements detailing the State and local tax returns that we have filed for your company.

Garnishments –  We will soon offer electronic child support payments and 3rd party check services for other garnishments.  As you can see, FingerCheck360 simplifies workforce management and truly brings your business into the 21st century. Interested? Sign up for a 30-day free trial of our automated payroll software plus time tracking, HR, and employee onboarding, today.

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