Why You’ll Never Look Back After Using a Combined Online Time & Attendance and Payroll Solution

By Katherine Muniz
September 28, 2016

Our online payroll solution, FingerCheck360, is a unique platform designed to combine time tracking and payroll with zero setups, syncing, or integrations needed.

It’s an all-in-one payroll software enhanced by robust time tracking that tracks and calculates employee work time, converts those timesheets into payroll earnings, and automatically calculates total pay and applicable taxes for a flawless, efficient payroll experience. Here are some of the reasons why you’ll never look back after using a joint online time & attendance and payroll solution:

Better Quality Data

Let’s face it – no one likes dealing with illegible paper time cards that can easily be lost. Instead of settling for handwritten, employee-reported time approximations, automate your time and attendance by switching to a digital system that clearly organizes and displays your employees’ punches and calculates work time automatically for you. (No more human error!) These timesheets will hold up a whole lot better than paper ones, especially if you’re ever called upon to produce time records. Plus, accurate timesheets lead to accurate payroll.

Payroll Simplified

No more manual data entry, faxing, emailing, exporting, or importing timesheets to transfer over time data to those who process your company’s payroll. With FingerCheck360, your timesheets never leave the system, and you run payroll directly using our user-friendly, DIY payroll module. Each time your employees punch in or out, they automatically enter their own payroll information. Once time cards are reviewed and approved, employee hours sync within our payroll module and time data become payroll data.

Automate PTO & Accrual Tracking/Calculations

Our software calculates employee time, PTO, overtime, accruals, and more. If you need it to track sick leave to comply with your state’s sick leave laws, we can do it! Have employees on extended leave due to sickness or caring for a loved one? We can track it. Our system started as a time tracking solution, which is why it’s so robust.

With complex job costing, FingerCheck360 can track time and rates based on the cost center levels you set up, whether it be a job, department, location, etc. No calculation errors, only simple and efficient automated processing.

Secure Protection Against Discrepancies

Your business will never be left vulnerable to wage and hour labor disputes, DOL audits, paycheck discrepancies, and more. A joint automated time tracking and payroll system preserves timekeeping records and payroll records and allows you to review your history at any time.

You can even request employee approval on timesheets to nip any future claims of inaccuracy in the bud. For accountability, an audit trail logs every time card adjustment, every approval made, and every punch so you can double-check changes that are made in order to clear up disputes, misunderstandings, and inconsistencies. Could it be any easier?

Saves Time and Money

It’s simple – online payroll with built-in time tracking is an inherent time and money saver. Consider these five payroll mistakes averted due to automated time tracking. How much more efficient could your time tracking and payroll process be if you implemented a system that took care of both?

There would be zero data entry to do and a reduced labor burden for your payroll staff. You would no longer be tasked with the impossible job of knowing what your employees are up to at all times and how and where they’re spending their time. Utilizing a combined payroll software, you can master one program and manage your payroll from clock in to cash out — full circle, 360°. If you’re interested in trying out FingerCheck360 online payroll, try it for free, view our website for more information, or contact us to get a quote.

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