Stop the Summer Slowdown

By Stefano Tromba
June 25, 2019

Not surprisingly, many businesses tend to slow during the summer months, as employees’ cash in on vacation days to hit the beach and spend more time with friends and family.

But as much as you (and your employees) are ready to relax and enjoy some well-deserved time off, you don’t want your business to slow down along with you.

It’s important to find ways to keep your business humming as efficiently as possible during this season. The best way to do this, of course, is to turn to the cloud. No, not the puffy white stuff in the sky – we’re talking about the “other” cloud.

One potential result of summer business slowdowns is staff taking time off. Now, depending on the size of your staff, managing employee summer schedules and time off can be a bit tedious. An easy way to manage it is by using a cloud-based platform, such as Fingercheck. As a cloud-based platform, Fingercheck centralizes all your employee management tasks within one, secure portal. This allows for many time-saving features that includes:

Integrated, All-in-One Platform

For example, the Fingercheck platform, lets you easily manage employee work schedules. No matter where you are to easily customize and modify work dates, hours, PTO and more, right from a user-friendly dashboard.

24/7 Access

Access Fingercheck directly from your PC, mobile device or smartphone from anywhere to do everything mentioned above! These features and capabilities are even available through our mobile app.

Going Paperless

Get rid of paper checks! Moving to electronic (direct deposit) payments avoids you cutting and signing paper checks, so you don’t have to go chasing paper (and people)!

So, go have some fun this summer! Hit the beach, go for a bike ride, Heck! You can even take a nice, long nap! But don’t let your business do the same. Using an automated platform protects your business from slowing down and keeps it running all-year-round.

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