By Katherine Muniz
January 2, 2016

You’re probably already aware that our online time clock is low cost, efficient, and less susceptible to error than traditional time tracking and punch card methods.

While our time clock application can integrate with whatever payroll system you’re currently employing, Fingercheck has grown to become a full-service software platform that not only tracks time but also runs payroll.

Our all-in-one enhanced software solution, Fingercheck360, was designed to seamlessly integrate time tracking with payroll, but also connects other efficient features, like job hiring and employee onboarding for maximized utility. Fingercheck360 bridges two separate, but related processes, within one model. From clocking employees in, to paying employees, Fingercheck360 offers a connective experience that flows effortlessly, the way time tracking and payroll should.

Here’s how it works:

As your employees punch in, digital timesheets are created. On the day payroll is due, instead of exporting your timesheet data to a payroll processor, you can internally process your timesheets directly within Fingercheck. With each punch, your employees are automatically entering their own payroll information.

You can modify and make corrections to any missing data or errors via the mobile app or online application. You can even enter any bonuses or commission you want to pay, as well as deductions. No more exporting, entering, and importing data – now when your employees clock in, all the work is taken care of for you.

As part of our payroll service, when you run payroll, Fingercheck360 automatically calculates total pay and applicable taxes and notifies you of the cash required in the bank to pay your employees. Your state and federal payroll taxes are filed and deposited automatically, and Fingercheck360 also files taxes for you each quarter so that tax compliance is never an issue.

If you decide not to do payroll with Fingercheck360, don’t worry! Fingercheck is quick and easy to integrate for any payroll provider. Our time tracking and attendance software provide you with date-time cards which can be exported either to your payroll company or directly into QuickBooks and Excel.

Exporting data from Fingercheck is easy. Simply visit the website with your dedicated log-in and you’ll find all the advanced and detailed information our software provides at your fingertips.

You can institute multiple workplace management policies–even on a single employee reporting on a per job level. You can also email daily reports and time cards directly from our site. Plus, you can always add new administrators and grant access to whomever you want.

From the first clock-in to the final wage calculation, Fingercheck tracks it all and gives you the power to manage every detail. And with integrated support for your own preferred payroll application, FingerCheck is one of the most flexible and intuitive payroll management systems available!

To request a live demonstration or learn more information, you can sign up right now to begin your 30-day free trial.

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