FingerCheck360 Payroll Is Now in Delaware, Florida, New Hampshire and Texas!

By Katherine Muniz
January 28, 2016

Businesses located in Delaware, Florida, New Hampshire, Texas can now sign up for payroll with FingerCheck360, our new online payroll solution! They now join New York, New Jersey, and California in our list of states covered by FingerCheck360, FingerCheck’s time tracking and payroll software. In remarking on the new additions, CEO Joel Kohn offers his perspective on the big picture for expansion.

“In deciding where to roll out our solution next, we have been taking customer feedback into consideration,” says company CEO Joel Kohn. “However, another important factor that’s been shaping our expansion is the complexity of each state’s internal compliance rules. In the immediate future, we are looking to add states with relatively low-maintenance regulations, though we will be working hard to make our solution available nation-wide throughout the year.”

FingerCheck Payroll Compliance Director Merle Capello CCP, who has been guiding the integration of FingerCheck360, shares that Florida, New Hampshire, and Texas have relatively few tax requirements, making them an easy first choice.

“Neither Texas, Florida or New Hampshire have state income taxes, so they are less complex from a compliance point of view. Since we’re only dealing with federal taxable wages and social security taxable wages and so on, there is no reporting needed regarding state taxable wages. Additionally, the diversity and types of employment that you’ll find in both of those states make it a good market for us.”

FingerCheck360 allows you to time track and pay employees right within FingerCheck. Formerly, FingerCheck was only able to track time – at the end of each business’s pay cycle, their timesheets had to be exported to external payroll providers to process. Now, you can run payroll right within FingerCheck! This new service is built into our enhanced solution FingerCheck360, which also offers employee onboarding and HR tools.

If you would like more information on our online payroll solution, FingerCheck360, head to our website.

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