July 2018

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Fingercheck’s Tax Calculator: A Great Resource For Employers & Employees!

Fingercheck’s Free Tax Calculator is a handy resource for both business owners and their employees, demystifying the intricacies of payroll taxes. This free, simple, and self-explanatory tool allows you to get an accurate estimate of just how much federal and state taxes might impact your bottom line. If you are an employer, the calculator reveals…

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Survey: Nearly One-Third Use Payroll System 10+ Yrs Old

A recent American Payroll Association/Kronos poll served up some shocking information. The “Evolution of Payroll Technology Trendline Survey” revealed that nearly 29% of payroll professionals use a payroll system 10 or more years old. That means these systems were put in place around the same time the Apple iPhone was introduced…before the modern app even…

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Change In NYS Wages And Taxes Withheld Reporting Requirements

Employers here’s a crucial change in your reporting requirements for employees that may be easy to overlook–but can equal penalties if you’re careless! Effective for calendar quarters beginning on or after January 1, 2019, employers filling out wage reporting requirements on tax forms must include the total gross wages and for each employee quarterly instead…

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NYC’s Temporary Schedule Change Law In Effect July 18

What? Another major New York City employment law change? The “Temporary Schedule Change” law–effective July 18–is a big one, folks, and every NYC business owner should know what it’s about! The law requires employees to request two alternate work situations (“temporary schedule changes”) per calendar year for certain qualifying “personal events.” These situations can include…

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Google One-Click Sign-In Now Available!

We at Fingercheck believe that as a business owner or employee, your time is much too precious to waste. That’s why we have just added a new feature that makes logging into our system even more fast and effort-free. Enter: Google One-Click Sign-In. Now maintaining your payroll, checking employee onboarding status, and enjoying the dozens…

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Changes To New Jersey Equal Pay And Discrimination Laws In July

New Jersey has a number of amendments to their equal pay and employment discrimination laws that are effective July 1st. Here are the major changes brought by Senate Bill 104 that you should know about! Each instance of discrimination is now considered an individual unlawful practice, rather than a bunch of instances being “bundled” into…


Supreme Court Janus Ruling Changes Union Deductions

The recent Supreme Court ruling in the case Janus v. American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Council 31  has sent shockwaves through the labor union community—and if you run a union-covered business in one of the 22 states impacted, this is something you need to be aware of! The Janus ruling decrees that employees…

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