We at Fingercheck believe that as a business owner or employee, your time is much too precious to waste. That’s why we have just added a new feature that makes logging into our system even more fast and effort-free.

Enter: Google One-Click Sign-In.

Now maintaining your payroll, checking employee onboarding status, and enjoying the dozens of other services Fingercheck has to offer is as simple as entering your Google username and password. Through a Google API integration, we ensure a seamless sign-in process–cutting down on the number of user names, passwords, and other information you need to remember.

First, sign in to your Google account. Then go to our login page and choose the “Sign In With Google” option. You’ll be asked to re-type your Fingercheck credentials to confirm your choice. Once that is verified, in the future, you simply need to be logged into Google in order to access Fingercheck. And if you ever decide to disconnect your Google account from Fingercheck, it’s still as easy as just a click.

If you don’t have a Gmail account, fear not: we have another time-saving functionality you can use to make signing in a quicker experience! Here’s the tip: be sure to make your username as unique as possible (we suggest using your email address). You can skip entering your company ID, and role, as long as your username is unique in our system.

The Fingercheck Family is always dreaming up, testing, and implementing new ways to make your user experience more intuitive and efficient.

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