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5 More Common Ways Businesses Unknowingly Break the Law

We received a lot of interest from readers after publishing our article on common ways businesses unknowingly break the law, which we included in our monthly newsletter. With the advice of those same legal contacts, we are sharing some additional blunders that can get businesses into big trouble today. Here are five more common ways…

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Fingercheck Updates Its QuickBooks Desktop Integration

We’ve updated our QuickBooks Desktop integration with an external plugin that allows for greater functionality when importing/exporting data. Automatic Job Import If you use Fingercheck to track time allocated to jobs, in order for your employees to have an up-to-date job selection when clocking in, you would want to import all your customers from QuickBooks. Also, if you…

Man shrouded in shadows in the stacks of a library with window in background, solemn position, represents employers reading labor laws or else be penalized.

5 Common Ways Businesses Unknowingly Break The Law

You’re a business owner, which means you operate and manage your own business. Whether you have just one employee, fifteen, or fifty, regardless of the size of your operation, you’re responsible for complying with federal and state laws that apply to your business and your workers. We rounded up some of the most common ways…

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Fingercheck Calculates Overtime Pay Including Non-Discretionary Bonuses

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires non-discretionary bonuses to be included in the regular rate of pay when determining overtime pay. By definition, a non-discretionary bonus is a bonus that is “promised or expected and tends to be dependent on the quality, quantity or efficiency of production or hours worked,” according to SHRM. It…


Legislative Update: House Passes Two Bills on Comp Time and Health Care

The House of Representatives recently passed legislation we think you should know about. If both acts are passed, major changes will directly impact you and your business. The Working Families Flexibility Act The Working Families Flexibility Act was passed on Tuesday, May 2. If signed into law, this act would allow overtime-eligible employees to opt…


When Can Employers Delete Employee Records?

It’s a popular question that doesn’t often get addressed — how long is an employer required to keep employee records, and when can you dispose of them? Let’s go over what’s stated in the law, and then read between-the-lines. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) states that every employer covered under its jurisdiction (which is most…

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