Illustrated letters in envelopes falling from sky into box to signify labor law and business news of 2016.

2016 Review: The Year’s Highlights for Employees & Employers

2016 was a turbulent year for business owners and employees alike. Here are the highlights of 2016: March 31st New York passes the nation’s strongest paid family leave program through an amendment to the existing Disability Benefits Law. Beginning January 1, 2018, employees who have worked for a covered employer for 26 or more consecutive…


NY Increases the Salary Threshold for Exemption from Overtime Pay

The New York State Department of Labor announced on Wednesday, Dec. 28th, that it would be increasing the salary threshold applicable to exempt executive and administrative employees in New York State. This threshold divides the exempt from the nonexempt, demarcating which salaried employees are eligible to earn overtime based on their weekly salary. Currently, salaried…

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