April 2016

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2016 First Quarter Accomplishments

The first quarter of 2016 has officially ended, and with it has come to a lot of change. In our 2015 Year in Review, we broke down our accomplishments over the past year, setting the stage for an even more explosive year in 2016. This year, not only have we added new staff, but we’ve also…


What’s a Payroll Reconciliation, and Why Do I Need One? Part I

No matter the size of your payroll, you know that payroll is one of the largest expenses your company incurs.  It’s necessary for you to take steps to verify your totals.  Here are some things you need to verify: Does the total payroll align with the previous payroll?  Are the numbers reasonable? If there is…

Open map with pins marking nation-wide use of Fingercheck.

Milestone: FingerCheck Now Actively Being Used in All 50 States!

Since launching in 2013, we have been driven in our mission to expand our product and make our presence known to businesses across the country. As one of the most intuitive, versatile, and customizable time and attendance software systems to be introduced to the market in recent times, our cloud-based solution has been something of a well-kept secret. Luckily, the…

California, New York to Raise Minimum Wage to $15

Both California and New York announced within hours of one another Thursday that they reached deals with state legislative leaders to raise the minimum wage to a record-shattering $15 an hour. California Thursday, the California Legislature approved a new minimum-wage bill to gradually increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour over the next six years.…

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