By: Katherine Muniz Jun 06, 2016

10 Reasons to Switch to Paperless Payroll

Through the power of cloud computing technology, businesses can now internally manage tasks by tapping into web-based business solutions to access data, resources, and tools.  From time tracking to payroll, nearly any business service can now be self-managed completely online. The benefits of going paperless in managing your company payroll are many – here are ten:

Document storage: Paperless online payroll stores all of your employee payroll data in one easy-to-access place. Payroll records never need to be physically retained (get out your paper shredder!), as documents can be retained online and instantly made available for as long as you want. 

Timesheets are no longer a hassle: If your business spends time printing, faxing, or phoning timesheets to a payroll provider, you’re losing productivity due to mindless tasks. Digital timesheets can be easily shared with any organization you wish in virtually no time at all.

Process payroll on your own: Imagine having the flexibility to process payroll right from your phone. Paperless online payroll offers you the ability to process payroll on your own time, from any device. Whether you’re by a computer or only have your smartphone, you can ensure that payroll is always processed on time. 

Easy collaboration with your accountant: When it comes time to work with your accountant for tax preparation, they’ll thank you for saving your business’s payroll data electronically. 

Increased convenience: Paperless payroll benefits your business in a number of ways. Not only will you save on reduced business costs, like print, toners, ink cartridges, etc., you can also increase the usable space in your office by eliminating filing cabinets. 

Automatic tax compliance: State and federal tax filings and payments are no longer a burden, as payroll software solutions automate these payments so that you are always compliant. 

Eco-friendly solution: Paperless payroll isn’t only beneficial to you — it’s beneficial to the environment. Cut down on paper and waste in the office and promote your business as being eco-friendly. 

Reduce search time: Employees will no longer spend valuable company time hunting for data through filing cabinets and folders. Employee payroll data is securely backed up and available online. 

Employee benefits: Who wants to deal with paper pay stubs? Instead of appointing someone to pass out pay stubs on payday, have your employees log into their account to view their pay stubs. Paperless payroll offers employees 24/7 access to online pay stubs, and with options like direct deposit, employees never have to come in to work on a day off to pick up a check. 

Faster results: Having all your employee payroll data stored electronically helps you conduct business in a mobile environment for faster results.  Among paperless payroll’s many benefits are increased convenience, accessibility, and security. When it comes to managing your company payroll, going paperless could be the best decision you make for the future of your company.

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