If you’re at the helm of a growing business with multiple locations, congratulations! Business is booming and your endeavors are paying off.

However, one common difficulty businesses like yours face is disorganization, especially when it comes to recordkeeping.

The administrative challenge of keeping records neatly organized and retrievable is daunting, especially when it comes to records that must be made available upon request, like employee timesheets.

Companies without an efficient employee time tracking system are forced to rely on email to share records, and must constantly be in contact to deliver reports and exchange data.

The manual aspect of the process simply takes up too much time, effort, and energy. Efficient internet applications allow businesses to centralize data to one online system so that it is accessible to anyone, regardless of time or location.

Consider the benefits that cloud-based workforce management can deliver:

With FingerCheck, different users have access to different tiers of data so administrators can approve and restrict the level of data employees and managers see.

Users get access to all the data and the entire software by logging in online or using the mobile app.

Our solution is easy to implement and can be used anywhere, anytime. Everything is delivered efficiently and transparently through the cloud.

Our methods for time tracking are easy to use and include time clock, mobile app, online, text, twitter, and tablet app.

Our automated, cloud-based solution automatically reports time whenever an employee makes a punch.

If you’re interested in learning more about our workforce management and time tracking solution, visit FingerCheck today.

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