If your employees are clocked in using the mobile app, you can now enable a mobile feature that will trigger an alert if they leave the job site. If the app detects this, based on your settings, the feature can send a notification or complete an action. You can set it to notify the employee to clock out via push notification, send an alert to the administrator, clock the employee out, or clock the employee out and trigger an alert to the administrator.

This feature can be individually enabled for each of your employees. If you have a job fencing policy, simply add these rules to the policy. You can easily set up a job fencing policy or call our support team to have one of our technicians set them up for you. Once the policy has been made, check the box that says “Enable Location Tracking.”

Now, you have a choice as to how many minutes the employee can spend off-site before the alert is triggered. For instance, if you want the employee to be able to spend fifteen minutes off-site before the alert triggers, you can enter 15 by the “Offsite Allowance” field. Then select the response you’d like the app to trigger by “Location Change Action.”

This feature will only work when your employees are clocked in. It will not activate or disturb your employees when they are off-the-clock. It merely allows you to have greater oversight over mobile employees in making sure they are on-site while clocked in as working.

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