Why investing in automation & AI is the future of payroll

By Christian Kunkel
February 13, 2023

Payroll is one of small businesses’ most important yet often tedious and time-consuming tasks. With the rise of automation and AI technology, this task is becoming much more manageable and time efficient. 

At Fingercheck, we’re always thinking of new ways to help small business owners streamline their operations and grow their businesses. That’s why we are committed to providing innovative payroll solutions that leverage the power of automation and AI technology.

The benefits of automation and AI technology in payroll are numerous

But one of the most obvious is the time savings. 

According to a National Small Business Association study, 41% of small businesses spend more than 80 hours per year on payroll and HR tasks. Automated systems can process payroll much faster than manual methods, meaning that companies can pay their employees more quickly and accurately. This is especially important for companies with many employees or complex payroll needs. 

A study by the American Payroll Association found that companies using automated payroll systems can process payroll up to three times faster than manual methods, freeing up time for small business owners to focus on other essential tasks.

Another benefit is the reduction of errors

Automated systems can be programmed to check for errors and inconsistencies, which can help prevent costly mistakes. 

A National Payroll Reporting Consortium report found that businesses using manual payroll methods are up to 40% more likely to make errors than those using automated solutions. The same study by the American Payroll Association found that businesses using automated payroll systems are up to 90% more accurate in their payroll processing than those using manual methods.

In addition, automation and AI technology can help improve a business’s overall efficiency. By streamlining payroll processes and reducing the need for manual tasks, businesses can free up their employees to focus on more critical tasks.  

Fingercheck has always been at the forefront of innovation in the payroll industry

With Fingercheck’s platform, businesses can automate many of the time-consuming and error-prone tasks associated with payroll, freeing up time for business owners to focus on other essential tasks. Our platform takes care of everything from calculating taxes and tracking employee hours to generating paychecks.

Our platform also integrates with other systems, such as accounting software, which allows businesses to transfer data quickly and streamline their operations. Additionally, we offer a wide range of reporting and analytics tools to help companies to make more informed decisions about their payroll data.

We believe that automation and AI technology are the future of payroll, and companies like Fingercheck are at the forefront of this revolution. By providing innovative solutions that can help businesses streamline their payroll processes, we are shaping the future of this industry and helping small businesses grow.

If you’re a small business looking to improve your payroll processes and free up your employees to focus on more critical tasks, Fingercheck is the solution you need — sign up now!

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