Review Timesheets in Half the Time with Fingercheck

By Katherine Muniz
August 7, 2017

If you’ve transitioned to electronic timekeeping, your timekeeper’s job has been made far easier. No more transcribing information from handwritten timesheets into your accounting system, no more time spent deciphering sloppy handwriting, and no more hassle. Your employees are diligently clocking in each and every day, and their time entries are being digitally logged.

So what’s next? As a business-minded leader, you’re always looking to make processes more efficient. Here are a few ways you can review timesheets more efficiently:

Set up an automatic email report

It’s easy to set up an automatic email report that delivers the weekly time card data in a single email right to your inbox. It’s an easy way to review your employees’ time cards all in one quick session. Our go-to report, the Weekly Time Card Report, includes all the dates worked, punch times, specific information like department, job, task, hours & accumulated time, paid hours, and exceptions. However, this is just one popular report. Learn more about your Time Card report options on our help desk.

Set up missed exceptions

Did you know you can set up punch notifications within your home page dashboard? These are called ‘exceptions,’ and work by detecting punch activity that is out of the normal. For instance, our system can alert you when an employee is in early, in late, out early, out late, has a missing punch, a missing ‘in’ or ‘out’ punch, etc (view all your options by going to Setup>Policies Menu>Exceptions>Add). We have help desk articles instructing you on how to set up different exceptions, but if you’re confused, our technical support team can help you set it up.

Set up timesheet approvals

If you’d like employees to review and approve their own timesheets, you can set up timesheet approvals. Not only is this a considerate gesture, but it also protects you from disputes in the future. By having employees approve their own timesheets, you have retrievable evidence that all your employees attested to the accuracy of their own timesheets with their own signature. If you’re interested in learning more about protecting your business from employee disputes, see our article on Preparing for a DOL Audit.

You can significantly reduce the time it takes to review your employees’ timesheets using Fingercheck and these easy tips.

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