New: Redesigned Time Off Requests on Mobile

By Katherine Muniz
November 15, 2016

Of all the tasks your employees regularly carry out using the mobile app, requesting time off may seem like one of the simpler ones. However, when employees don’t know which absences are tied to which accruals, the process can be confusing.

That’s why we recently updated the mobile app to make it simpler for employees to request time off and know all the facts.

The Employee Time Off interface is now more dynamic, colorful, and visually appealing!

Shown is the new Time Off dashboard. As you can see, we created personalized graphs with color-coded donuts that offer a total breakdown of the employee’s balance of time off across all accrual policies. Employees can scroll up and down and request time off from the bucket they’d like to draw hours from.

Under each accrual policy, the employee’s allowed hours, used hours, and available balance for time off are displayed. Employees can see details of all pending, approved, and denied absences by tapping “Details” under each accrual policy.

To view all absence requests, they can scroll to the bottom and click “View All Requests.”  This feature has already auto-updated within the mobile app and is ready for use. If your employees need a refresher or if they’re a first-timer, they can reference our help desk article on how to request time off.

We redesigned the Time Off module for your employees’ benefit. Let us know in the comments below how your employees are liking the new redesign! You can also email us suggestions for new features, or changes you’d like to see by emailing us at

With this new, crystal clear display of your employees’ total paid time off, every employee can be one hundred percent sure of which accrual policy they’re drawing hours from when they choose to request time off.

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