New Feature: Import Time Cards Into Payroll

By Katherine Muniz
August 21, 2017

One of Fingercheck360’s strongest selling points is its ability to pull in hours directly from the time card in order to convert time card data into payroll earnings. However, if you’d like to use payroll with time card data that isn’t tracked through Fingercheck, you can now import time cards directly into payroll.

Simply enter time data into a blank excel spreadsheet template and you can upload it during the final step before previewing and running payroll. Fingercheck will calculate payroll based on the imported time data, ensuring that employees are paid accurately for the hours they worked.

This feature is useful for companies that have employees stationed in different businesses, all of which are responsible for tracking those employees’ time. Now you can collect all the time data and easily enter it into a template to import it into Fingercheck payroll. Running payroll is easy with Fingercheck, no matter what the circumstances.

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