Accountants and bookkeepers play an important role in your behind-the-scenes payroll team. However, without a clear point of access, sharing your data with them can be difficult. For that reason, Fingercheck’s Accountant Portal allows your accountant (or bookkeeper) to access your account from their own, unique login – and it’s free!

The portal streamlines the functions your bookkeeper or accountant has access to and makes it easy to manage multiple client accounts from one login. We’ve added our best tools to make managing your payroll delightfully simple.

How Does This Benefit You – The Customer

With the ability to have your accountant or bookkeeper log into your account, you won’t have to worry about providing them with quarterly and payroll reports. Within their own portal, they can access the important documents they need in order to manage your business.

If your accountant or bookkeeper also does the payroll for you, you can give them full access to your account in order to process payroll at a time that is convenient for them without the need to contact you for timesheets and/or other information.

Fingercheck portal

About the Portal

The portal is mobile friendly and 100% intuitive, making it easy to manage multiple clients from one convenient login.

We’ve combined function and style by centralizing key features that are payroll must-haves. Some of these functions include the ability to run system and custom reports, like workers’ comp audits, export General Ledger files to QuickBooks, and download quarterly filing and year-end forms directly from the portal’s dashboard.

Within the portal, there is also access to our proprietary tax calculator which can be used to determine gross and net pay based on different factors, allowing for a projection of outcomes depending on tax withholding preferences. Watch Video

Another perk of our portal is the library of helpful compliance articles we’ve included, generated straight from our blog.

Through the creation of the Accountant Portal, your entire financial team can be in harmony with Fingercheck. The best part? It’s free!

If you’re a client who wants your accountant to have access to the portal, please send an email to your account representative with your accountants or bookkeepers’ information and the accounts you would like to give them access to.

tax forms

Once they are set up with their portal they can log in from the main login page and based on their username it will redirect them to the accountant portal automatically when logging in. They can also access their portal by going to or by finding Accountant Portal in the footer of our website.

We’re streamlining the process so that it can be as efficient as possible for you and your team. So, if you are an accountant partner with us or if you know an accountant, refer them today!

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